Getting Pregnant After an Abortion


You should not let your recent abortion raise doubts about conceiving again. Naturally, getting pregnant is possible within two weeks of having had your abortion. If all is well, you may start trying soon after you are ready and when your body has healed.

If your abortion has been performed under medical supervision and by health experts, you have nothing to worry about conceiving again. Your ovulation cycle begins again and you will be able to conceive.

You will be advised to give it at least a month’s break to let your body heal. Apart from this, there are no measures necessary to follow. Some doctors advice that you wait till the end of your first menstrual period after the abortion. This helps in estimating the due date of your upcoming pregnancy.

tips to get pregnant after an abortion

Useful tips for pregnancy after an abortion

  • Make sure that your body has healed from the previous abortion, so as to ensure good health. Conceiving too soon may lead to stress, which may in turn affect the development of baby.
  • You may want to talk to your ob/gyn first about your plans to have a baby and discuss any of your concerns. Your doctor may examine the health of your uterus.
  • Make important lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, drinking and reducing consumption of caffeine when you decide to have a baby.
  • Ensure that you eat healthy as well, staying away from junk and choosing balanced meals.
  • You have more chances of conceiving, when you have intercourse during your ovulation days. You may keep a track of your fertile days with the help of an ovulation kit or by downloading the app to keep track.
  • If you are worried because you have a history of multiple abortions, your doctor may stitch up the cervix to hold the fetus safely, in case of a weak cervix. You may also be recommended to do some exercises to strengthen pelvis.
  • If you’ve had abortion because of a medical condition, it is better to get a complete assessment to know if there are chances of having any issues with future pregnancies as well.

Advancement in medicine and technology has made abortions safe in majority of cases. If your abortion has not been done by an expert medical provider or is done imperfectly, it may cause complications and damage your reproductive system. In such case, you may have difficulty in conceiving again. Learn about the risks involved in getting pregnant after an abortion. Be sure to check before going ahead with your decision.


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