Useful Home Remedies to Abort Pregnancy in a Natural Way


Pregnancy marks the beginning of a new life for both the mom-to-be and the baby. However, some women find that they are not ready to handle this change and may not be willing to continue with the pregnancy. This could be due to financial, work, health condition, lack of support or any personal reason.

If you wish to abort your pregnancy using home remedies, you should be aware of their effectiveness and side effects. Terminating a pregnancy on your own at home without any medical supervision is highly risky. Most women end up with complications including disabilities and long term health problems. Many have also lost their life, trying home remedies without proper knowledge. You must be sure of your decision, because many things can go wrong. Assuming that home remedies are safe is a mistake, because what may have worked for others, may not work for you.

You may consider some of these home remedies to end your pregnancy naturally.


You may already have heard of people advising pregnant women to stay away from papaya. The presence of certain enzymes and powerful nutrients in papaya can cause contractions and induce labor. It interrupts the progression of pregnancy, leading to an abortion.


Sesame seeds

These power-packed seeds are known to be effective in inducing abortion, without causing any ill effects. You may consume sesame seeds by soaking a handful at night daily or till this takes effect.

Sesame seeds


This spice is considered effective in terminating pregnancy and is being used since old times. You may take this in the form of ground powder and remember not to consume excessive quantities, as it can cause side effects.



This fruit is known to cause abortion. You should go for unripe ones that are still a little green. In early pregnancy, consuming pineapple can cause contractions and pregnancy termination.


Some herbs such as parsley, pennyroyal, cohosh and even chamomile tea are other options you may consider for abortion, depending on their availability in your region.

Other home remedies for abortion

Apart from consumption, you may try other measures that induce an abortion naturally. Sometimes you may try these in combination with others to work for you.


Massaging involves stroking and applying pressure on muscles, especially on your lower body. If this is done in early pregnancy, focussing on the pelvic area, it can lead to abortion. Remember to apply strokes in single, downward direction for effective results.


In the early pregnancy stage, pelvic movements and orgasms during intercourse can lead to abortion. You may have to do it more often for this to workout.

Hot showers

By taking longer hot water showers, your body’s temperature increases and this makes your body react to the rising temperature and try to balance it. Since the focus moves away from the fetus, it can lead to abortion. This may take several days to achieve the result.


Intense body workout in the initial stages of pregnancy can lead to abortion. Squats, sit-ups, running, crunches, weight lifting and jogging may cause pregnancy termination naturally.


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