Risks of Getting Pregnant after Abortion


Pregnancy is one of the best experiences that a woman can encounter in her lifetime. Yet, for some ladies, this feeling doesn’t always make for happiness and delight in their spirits. Granting to the latest statistics outlawing abortion has not deterred women from seeking the procedure. In states where abortion is legal, researchers found that abortion was safe, whereas, in rural areas where it is illegal, the procedure is unsafe. Globally, there are 28 abortions for every 1,000 women of childbearing age, and studies indicate that abortion accounts for 13% of women’s deaths during pregnancy and childbirth.

Some causes that lead to Abortion are:

  • Risks of Getting Pregnant after AbortionUnwanted pregnancy wherein, a lady is not mentally prepared for a pregnancy.
  • The risk to a woman’s life, mental or physical well-being in case the pregnancy is not terminated.
  • And if the pregnancy is continued risks of the child being given birth with a physical or mental defect.
  • An Abusive relationship
  • Sex discrimination
  • Under age pregnancy

A First Trimester Abortion is seen as minor surgery, which does not include too many dangers. Approximately 10% of women undergoing induced abortion suffer from immediate complications, of which one-fifth (2%) were considered major. A mid-trimester abortion, premature delivery and low birth weight in women whose first pregnancy is terminated by vacuum aspiration. Taking these risks a pregnancy after an abortion can be exceedingly hazardous, and can lead to a threat to a woman’s life or emotional damage. Pregnancy after an abortion needs a good amount of planning and time put into it.

Abortion might lead to some physical injuries which might restrict or complicates the future pregnancies:

  • Damage to the Cervix i.e. damage to the entryway of the womb
  • Damage to the Womb
  • Contagion in the Womb, which is normally done by neglecting to transfer all of the fetus and the associated tissues
  • Damage resulting from cervical lacerations from abortion often cause difficulties in future conceiving
  • Placenta praevia in pregnancies after abortion is much more common, this can endanger the unborn children, which may lead to malnutrition and sometimes death
  • Scarring can block the fallopian tubes and render a woman infertile
  • Increased risk of bleeding before the twenty-eight week of gestation
  • Create a greater risk of low birth weight

The greatest risk associated with pregnancy after abortion is an emotional problem in women:

  • In most cases, women take the risk of abortion due to encountering an unwanted pregnancy
  • Circumstances where a woman is mentally pressurized by her spouse or in-laws to determine the sex of the child and terminating the pregnancy in case it is a girl child. This may result in guilt and a woman may feel that she has a very limited option which can create a huge emotional impact during future pregnancies
  • Cases of clinical depression may also be higher, this is particularly true if a woman is forced into aborting her first pregnancy

According to reports by the British Medical Journal, women who chose to carry the child to term and give birth have a lower chance of experiencing clinical depression when compared to women who chose to terminate the first pregnancy. Instant and complete medical attention should be received in case of:

  • Pain in the lower stomach that doesn’t get better with pain relief medication
  • Heavy bleeding
  • High temperature

However, in spite of these risks, a pregnancy can be successfully provided complete care is involved.


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