Types of Abortion Methods


There are three main types of abortion methods: herbal, spontaneous and induced abortion. Although it happens very rarely, you could also encounter self-induced abortion. The majority of women have surgically induced abortions.

Manual vacuum aspiration as one of the different kinds of abortion methods

This kind of abortion is also known as MVA. During the procedure, the doctor inserts the syringe into the uterus of the woman that is used to gently siphon out the pregnancy tissue. In this case, it is very important for the doctor to ensure that there is no tissue left that could cause an infection.

Electric vacuum aspiration

When considering this option, you should know that it is something like the MVA, the only difference is that there is a machine used to remove the tissue. The same principles are applied as in the previous case.

Types of Abortion Methods

Dilation and curettage

Many of the women thinking about the types of abortion methods opt for this one. During the procedure, the cervix of the patient is dilated. After this, the doctor uses a curette to clean the uterus of the pregnancy tissue. In this case, the cervix needs to be numbed.

Dilation and evacuation

This abortion method is similar to the previous one. The cervix is dilated for the doctor to reach the uterus. After this, the doctor uses a machine to suction out the pregnancy tissue. Again, the cervix is numbed and it is possible for women to receive anesthetics.

Partial birth abortion

This one of the types of abortion methods is quite controversial. During the procedure, the cervix gets dilated. Then a forceps is used to reach the fetus and it is turned into a breech position. The fetus is pulled out through the cervix and the head of it is drained through a small hole made in the skull.

Chemical abortion

This is a widely accepted method of abortion. In this case, there is a medication used to terminate the pregnancy. Usually, women have to take methotrexate or mifepristone and after abortion takes place they also have to take prostaglandin that comes in two types.

It’s not pleasant to think about the types of abortion methods and the truth is that such experience marks women. However, it is something that they can get through; but most probably, they will need the support of their friends and family, not to mention their partner.


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