How to Perform Breast Check at Home?


Do you regularly check your breasts? If not, you should start self-breast checkup as early as possible. Breast check at home is very much essential to look for the changes or any problems in your breast tissues. Nowadays most women feel that breast checkup is very much important for their health.

However, most experts do not agree with the fact that breast check at home helps to find breast cancer or save lives. It is better to talk to your doctor whether self-breast checkup is right for you or not.

Right time for breast check at home:

Breast Check at HomeRight time for a self-breast checkup is about 3-5 days after your period starts. During this time of your monthly cycle, your breasts are not as lumpy or tender. Women who have entered in their menopausal state should exam their breasts on the same day each month.

Breast check at home can be done in two ways, such as while lying down or standing in front of the mirror.

Breast check while lying down: This is an easier method to examine all your breast tissues.

  • Place your left hand behind the head. Using the middle fingers of your right hand, lightly and firmly press down by making small motions and examine your entire breast.
  • Then, stand or sit. Touch the armpit as the breast tissues go into that region.
  • Smoothly squeeze the nipple and check for any leakage. Repeat the same procedure on your right breast also.

Breast check while standing: Stand in front of the mirror and look at your breasts.

  • Check for any skin changes, like puckering, dimpling, indentations, or skin appearing like orange peel.
  • Observe the shape and size of each breast. Also look for the outline of breasts.
  • Observe whether the nipples are straight or turn inwards.

Also, observe your breasts when you raise your arms above your hand. Most of the women have some lumps in their breasts. You need to check regularly for any new or different lumps. In case you detect any new or different sized lumps, immediately you should consult your health care provider.

Breast check at home promotes awareness on breast cancer as well as other less serious breast conditions. Regular breast examination will help women to become familiar with the findings and changes unique to the exam.

Some women have fibrocystic breasts, which mean the fatty tissues in the breast feel like round or oval-shaped lumps and they move freely in the breasts. Such types of cysts are harmless. Nipple changes or discharge should be immediately reported to your doctor.


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