Nipple Care Tips for Breastfeeding Mothers


New moms often face breastfeeding challenges in the initial days after childbirth. Some may have nursing troubles for months before mastering it, while it comes easily right from the start for others. The Breastfeeding phase marks a special bond between mothers and their babies. Once you get a hold of it, it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. You can try and do what makes things better for you.

In the beginning, you may feel soreness, cracking around nipples, and pain. You should keep in mind that you and your baby both need to be comfortable for a smooth nursing session. Here is what you can do to care for your nipples-

  • Nipple sensitiveness is mainly caused because of a poor latch, baby’s position, or sucking poorly. You should try and correct this, with the help of a lactation consultant or a midwife.
  • You can try finding a comfortable position such as lying down on your side or using a pillow on your lap for elevating the baby closer to your breasts. This helps take care of your back pain too.
  • Make sure the baby’s upper body is slightly elevated when nursing.
  • Feeding on demand ensures your baby receives all the necessary nourishment. So, it is always better for you and the baby to continue feeding, even if it feels sore. It also ensures that your milk supply doesn’t decrease.
  • Use nursing bras for proper support. You may also consider a sports bra for convenience and comfort during breastfeeding.
  • Replace nursing pads when they get wet, so as to avoid any infections.
  • Breastmilk has many other benefits, apart from fulfilling your baby’s health requirements. It can fight off infections and helps in curing skin ailments too. You can apply a few drops of breastmilk on the nipples before and after nursing the baby, to help keep them moisturized and heal the dry, cracked nipples.
  • After every feed, do not wipe your nipples. This can cause dryness. You can just dab on them with a soft cotton cloth. You can also let them air dry naturally for a while.
  • You should not use soaps or anybody washes to clean nipples. Your nipples produce a natural lubricant to keep them moisturized during breastfeeding and soaps tend to remove this.
  • It is not advisable to use any kind of medication without the prescription of your doctor while breastfeeding your baby. Whatever you consume, goes to your baby through the milk and may also affect them.


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