Painful Nipple Pimple in Breastfeeding Women


Breastfeeding moms may experience formation of tiny, painful pimples on their nipples. This condition is commonly seen in lactating women. These pimple like formations occur when milk ducts get clogged on the nipple pores.

The blockage is usually due to milk, which may turn thick and hard causing further inconvenience. The clogged pore is known as milk bleb and appear to be white or yellow in color. The surface of milk bleb is smooth and is usually a single dot, resembling a white head. Nipple pimple can block the flow of breast milk when nursing and cause great discomfort to the mother. Here’s more information about milk blebs in breastfeeding moms.

painful pimple on nipple of breastfeeding women

Causes of Nipple Pimple

  • Production of breast milk in excess may lead to the appearance of pimples on nipples in some women.
  • Poor latching by your baby when nursing is another contributing factor.
  • Not emptying one of your breasts before switching to the other may cause a blockage.
  • Wearing tight fitting bras can lead to clogged pores.
  • Wearing seat belts or straps of baby carriers across your chest, fastened tightly can also cause nipple pimples in nursing women.

Some women may not find it painful at all when a nipple pimple shows up. If it doesn’t hurt you in anyway then there is no reason to be concerned about it. See that it goes away as you continue to nurse your baby. Even if the bleb hurts, you should continue to breastfeed your baby as it helps in unclogging the pore. You may try pumping in between, if you find it too painful to nurse.

In most cases, the problem of nipple pimple resolves on its own without any medication, provided you continue to breastfeed. Try and correct the issues that may be causing this problem and you are good to go.


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