Most Useful Tips for Breastfeeding Twins


Being blessed with twins means double the joy and also means that it’s going to be double the trouble. Having a baby is definitely a tough job for new mothers, two can make it even more harder. The utmost priority for babies is breastfeeding. You may be aware of how beneficial breastfeeding is for babies and yourself. You must ensure that you breastfeed your babies, even if you have twins, so that they can get the most of nutrition in their early developmental days.

Some mothers may be wondering how it’s possible to nurse twins and may get discouraged with the idea. You don’t have to stress yourself too much about it. With some much needed help, support and the right knowledge, you can do it like a pro. You will require help and dedication of a person and maybe nursing utilities to get you through this.

Lactation consultant

The very first help you will probably need is that of a lactation consultant. For first time mothers, a lactation consultant explains about how to get the latch right and how to position the baby. They also help if you have trouble with the milk supply.With twins, they may show you how to manage nursing with two at a time or individually. Getting this info will prove to be helpful to you.

Do not give up

It is undoubtedly very messy initially, painful too and stressful with twins, but it will get easier soon and you may not find it troublesome at all, when you learn how to get going. Do not let the enormity of this overwhelm you, because your milk supply drops when you don’t try. Let your baby latch on and suckle at regular intervals to get your milk supply going, if you have any trouble with it. The more the need, the more your body is capable of producing breast milk.


Find yourself a comfortable position to feed your twins. You may try different positions to learn what’s best for you. See that you do not strain your neck and back. Make sure your babies are also positioned properly, which allows them to suck and gulp smoothly. Keeping their heads a little elevated while they feed, helps with digestion and prevents throwing up.

Nursing clothes

You will find that you are spending almost all your time breastfeeding your babies. If you are feeding them one at a time, it will probably require more time. So, make sure that you have nursing clothes handy and they must be accessible easily. Try nursing bras or you may find sports bra to be comfortable as well. One less hassle for you, when you get the clothes right. Don’t think of anything fancy for sometime now. Another important thing to consider is that, your babies should find your clothes comfortable, while you hold them or nurse them. So, choose wisely.

Pillows for support

There are pillows specially designed for nursing, twins included. These provide back support for you, help in positioning the babies at an appropriate height and hold them in place. You may also try normal pillows for support. Using pillows eases back pain.

Tandem nursing

This means breastfeeding both your babies at the same time. You may need help of someone to position the babies and get the latching right. After some practice, you maybe able to do this yourself, with the help of pillows for support. This way, you can get some time off when both babies have had their fill. It’s better to try this early on, so that you and the babies get habituated.

Try pumping

Some moms choose to use breast pumps to pump breast milk and feed their baby. This might prove to be highly useful in case of twins. You may decide to do this for both the babies or pump and bottle feed one and breastfeed the other. Get good quality breast pumps that work efficiently.

Alternative option

If you think that it’s going to be hard to breastfeed both the babies, you may choose to supplement with formula for one baby. Do what you think is best, depending on your support system and ability.

Remember that just like you, there are other mothers who are equally struggling to nurse their twin babies. Most importantly, stay calm, avoid stress and know that you can do this.


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