5 Ways to Produce Breast Milk


Are you struggling to make enough milk for your baby? Then there are several ways to produce breast milk. Usually, during the initial days, your baby needs only a small amount of milk to sustain and increase its weight. As the baby starts growing, your body should naturally increase the production of breast milk.

5 Ways to Produce Breast Milk

However, there are various ways to produce breast milk that is sufficient for your baby’s growth. Here are 5 tips for a breastfeeding mother to increase the milk production:

Drink more and more water: During the breastfeeding stage, a mother should take care of herself and treat herself well. Usually, nursing takes a lot from your body, so it is very important to keep your body well hydrated to restore fluid loss and to maintain the sufficient production of milk. Along with taking lots of fluids, it is very important for the mother to eat healthy food and to take plenty of rest.

Feed as often as you can: Feed your baby at regular intervals that are for every 1-2 hours. Feed as often as you can to help increase the milk production.

Breast massage: Massaging will increase the production of milk. Breast massage makes your body think that the baby is nursing more often than he or she really is.

Use breast pump: You can use the breast pump in between the feedings to extract the milk and to make the breasts ready for new milk production.

Don’t pull the baby from breasts when he/she stops nursing: Most often babies fall asleep at the time of breastfeeding while holding the nipple during the sleep. At this time, don’t remove the nipple from baby’s mouth. Allowing the nipple to remain in the baby’s mouth will encourage milk-producing glands for more production.


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