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A pregnant woman must wait for 9 months to have a baby on lap. 9 months is the common gestational period of every pregnant woman. During these nine months, baby and the mom both undergo many changes that pregnancy brings. Pregnancy symptoms during nine months vary from person to person.

7 Months Pregnant

7 Months Pregnant

-- The beginning of the third trimester! Congratulations! Now you have entered into the last trimester of your pregnancy. You are just three months away to give birth to your little one. From this month...
1 month pregnant

1 Month Pregnant

-- A beautiful journey of pregnancy starts now! If you are reading this and you are pregnant, congratulations! This is a happy and emotional event, especially for the first-time mother-to-be. A pregnant woman’s body is...
2 months pregnant

2 Months Pregnant

-- The HCG levels will rise to the peak! When you are 2 months pregnant, it will give you the feeling of being pregnant. There is a rapid increase in your HCG levels, and in...
Baby Development Month by Month

Baby Development Month by Month in the Womb

Are you excited to know how your baby develops and grows every month during your 40 week pregnancy period? Let’s have a look at what is happening inside your womb during pregnancy. Month one of...
5 Months Pregnant

5 Months Pregnant

-- The time to know it's boy or girl! When you are 5 months pregnant, you are almost halfway through your pregnancy journey. There are only 8 weeks away from your third trimester. In pregnancy...
6 months pregnant

6 Months Pregnant

-- Last month of the second trimester! Congratulations! You have gone halfway through your pregnancy, but there is still a lot to go through. When you are 6 months pregnant, you will probably not notice...
4 Months Pregnant

4 Months Pregnant

-- Visible bump and rapid fetal development! When you are 4 months pregnant, it is the beginning of your second trimester. You may notice that you have more energy, but fatigue and nausea stop all...
3 Months Pregnant

3 Months Pregnant

-- You can share the good news with your family and friends! Congratulations! You have passed the first third of your pregnancy. When you are 3 months pregnant, it is the last month of the...
9 Months Pregnant

9 Months Pregnant

This is the last month of your pregnancy and now there are only a few days left to actually feel the little one in your arms. Now is the right time to be prepared...
8 months pregnant

8 Months Pregnant

-- Period to experience more severe pregnancy symptoms This is the most painful period for aches and pains. Probably you are going through different stages during pregnancy month 8. For a minute, you want your...

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