Fertility Calculator Tool to Increase the Odds of Getting Pregnant

Trying to have a baby? Then ovulation and fertility calculator tool can tell you the best days to get pregnant. But you should remember that the results are only an approximation and they can be affected with woman’s cycle regularity and length.

Ovulation calculator tool can be used in two ways, such as some couple can use this to predict woman’s ovulation dates in an effort to increase the chances of conceiving a baby, while some others use this knowledge to prevent the chances of getting pregnant.

When fertility calculator tool used along with basal body temperature or ovulation predictor will give better idea on when you are ovulating. As told earlier, fertility calculator will provide you only estimated results and it doesn’t work for menstrual cycle longer than 29 days or shorted than 27 days. Also, it is suggested not to use the tool if you have not had menstrual period in the past 29 days. It is no use to use the tool for women who have irregular menstrual periods.

The tool uses different information regarding the female reproductive health to expect the date of next ovulation. During the ovulation period, women are in their most fertile condition and the chances of conception are considerably higher.

Fertility Calculator

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