What Every Woman Should Know About the Side Effects of Fertility Hormone Treatment?


Fertility hormone treatment can do wonders in making your wish of getting pregnancy!! This treatment is even effective in making you enjoy your parenthood. Infertile couples may be benefited from this treatment surprisingly but one must be aware of side effects associated with the medication used during treatment. Educate yourself about the side effects that are going to affect you badly before opting for fertility treatment. Read on…

Fertility hormone treatment involves medications that exhibit adverse effects depending on the dosage of medications and body reactions to the medications given.

What actually fertility medications do?

Certain hormones are involved during the ovulation process to make the egg mature and ready for fertilization. However, if anything goes wrong with those hormones, couples may suffer from fertility process. In such cases, fertility medications are very helpful for couples who are unable to conceive and do miracles while stimulating ovulation and increase your chances of getting pregnant. In their way to regulate ovulation process, they exhibit some side effects making your condition more painful and worse.

Fertility hormone injections show side effects and they vary from person to person. Let us know what those are…

  • fertility hormone treatment side effectsTypically, fertility hormone injections put you at the risk of developing side effects including abdominal bloating, skin irritation at the site of injection, breast tenderness, headaches, and nausea.
  • Because of hormonal fluctuations from the medication given during fertility treatment, many patients usually have a complaint of mood swings. The symptoms of a woman experiencing mood problems include grief, failure, and guilty feeling, irritability, anxiety for small issues and sadness.
  • People using an anti-estrogen drug named Clomid would experience moodiness. Multiple births are the common and serious side effect associated with Clomid.
  • Lupron is another injected drug used to decrease the natural production of estrogen hormone in women. Women who take these drugs generally experience symptoms those are very much similar to the symptoms of menopausal women. They are vaginal discharge, hot flashes, insomnia, depression, and headaches.
  • When an infertile woman does not show any response to clomiphene, doctors usually recommend that woman to take inject able fertility medicine called gonadotropin. Gonadotropin directly combines with hormones involved in maturation of eggs. What are the side effects involved in this injectable medication!?? Multiple pregnancies, ovarian hyper-stimulation, enlargement of ovaries, abdominal pain and headaches are common in a woman taking gonadotropin medicine.
  • Increased discomfort, bone loss while using for long periods, ovarian cancer, temporary visual disturbances, ovarian tumors, and night sweats are some more side effects involved in fertility medication.
  • Prefer to take medication along with food to avoid stomach issues
  • Apply ice over injection spot to reduce redness and irritation
  • Seek immediate medical attention if you notice any severe symptoms

How to cope up with the side effects coupled with fertility medication?

Treatment for infertility problems is important to enjoy pregnancy and parenthood but you must also consider life-threatening side effects. Talk to your doctor regarding side effects before you opt for any fertility treatment.


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