Fertility Treatment Options for Getting Pregnant

Fertility problems are not the same with all the couples. Problems vary based on several factors like age, existing medical conditions, lifestyle factors, etc.

Fertility treatment is an option for couples who have tried unprotected sex at least for one year and were unable to get pregnant. But what are your options of treatment for infertility and what suits you best??

If you are worried about getting pregnancy, unable to conceive or considering treatments to conceive, please make a visit to your doctor. Your doctor will suggest you best treatment options to overcome from your problem of getting pregnant.

Here are the most commonly suggested Fertility Treatment Options:

1. Fertility Drugs

Fertility Treatment Options for Getting PregnantIs hormonal imbalance the main cause of your infertility!!?? Then fertility drugs taken in pill form are very much beneficial to keep your reproductive system on track and effective in releasing one or more eggs from the ovary during ovulation cycle. Fertility drugs are the most recommended and first line of treatment because of its low cost and convenience. Possible side effects include headaches, hot flashes, the risk of multiple births, bloating, formation of large ovarian cycles and premature birth.

2. Surgery

People who can get successful pregnancy with surgery are those having genetic defects or fibroids or ovarian cysts, blocked fallopian tubes, or removed endometriosis. The way of yours to conceive is cleared through surgery by using the laparoscopic method, in which laparoscope is used to diagnose the problem. Success rates mainly rely on the severity of your condition. Remember that any kind of surgery is invasive. So, think more prior getting the surgical procedure.

3. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

It is suggested for couples in which male partner is showing low sperm count or having poor sperm quality. Healthy sperm is directly injected into the healthy matured egg using a needle. After fertilization, through the IVF process, the embryo is transferred to the uterus. An only single sperm is injected into a single egg. The medications used for this process results in many side effects. Once the egg meets sperm, it follows the normal process of getting a pregnancy to have a baby.

4. In-vitro Fertilization

Having a baby under laboratory conditions means having a baby outside the body, which is called in-vitro fertilization or test tube baby. It is a common procedure for getting pregnancy through a scientific approach. Matured eggs are separated, combined with sperm for fertilization under lab conditions. A fertilized egg is now termed as an embryo and transferred into the uterus to continue natural process of conceiving.

5. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

Having blocked fallopian tubes or Low sperm count or unable to react to other treatments like GIFT, ICSI or IVF, then ART is an ideal solution. ART is successful in making you pregnant. ART includes a range of fertility procedures. Through drugs, laboratory methods, use of sperm or egg donors, couples can be helped with the production of quality sperm, ovulation, fertilization, implantation, conception and finally birth.


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