First Step in Fertility Treatment


In case you are thinking about the first steps fertility help you should know that about one in every six couples has problems of this kind.

At the beginning, people don’t even know that they have a problem and usually they keep trying for a year before they realize that there is something wrong.

What to do about the first steps towards professional help

first steps fertility helpThe professionals say that if you are under 35 and you’ve been trying for a year without any success, it might be time to start evaluating why you aren’t able to conceive. If you are over 35 and you were pregnant before, this ‘test period’ gets shortened to six months.

If you happen to know something about your health, this could help with the first steps for professional help. It is possible you know that you have blocked tubes, you don’t ovulate or you don’t have regular cycles or that you had chemo. In this case, you shouldn’t wait this long.


If you take the first steps fertility help the specialist will assess your entire medical history. This not only involves having a test or two to find the source of the problem. The main goal of the doctor is to find out what you’ve been through. If the doctor asks the right questions, he or she might get closer to solving the mystery.

Common Causes

When undergoing the first steps for infertility help you should know that the majority of the problems are linked to sperm. It could have a problem with motility or with the sperm count. In some cases, sperm is simply not able to fertilize the mature egg.

Usually, the problems revolve around not having regular menstrual periods. It is also possible to have a tubal disease. This means that the tubes are blocked. This can be caused by previous surgery or some kind of infection.

Irregular cycles

In case you are thinking about the infertility help first steps you should know that not all women have 28-day cycles. It is possible that 6-12 months go by and they don’t have one single period. This may be caused by excessive exercising or because the brain doesn’t send the right signal to the ovaries.

You shouldn’t wait for too long to make the first steps for fertility help, because in the end, it might be too late.


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