How Does Acupuncture For Fertility Work?


Most researches proved that acupuncture works for fertility. Particularly it helps couples who are already under any kind of conventional fertility treatments like IVF. Still, the research is going on to find out for how much extent the procedure is useful for infertile couples.

How Does Acupuncture For Fertility WorkSeveral smaller types of research conducted on how does acupuncture for fertility work even showed promising results. Here is how Acupuncture works for fertility:

We all know that vital energy flows through the body along certain pathways. Usually, the therapist works to reactivate this energy and make a balanced flow throughout the body to restore your health. In addition, the therapist stimulates certain points along the pathways by using thin needles. The needles used in acupuncture are very thin than the regular needles used for injections or blood draws. Generally, to talk, these needles are slightly thicker than a single hair strand. Patients will not even know the needle is inserted in their body. Once the needles are inserted into their specific locations, you will feel a state of deep relaxation.

Though acupuncture is Chinese Medicine that has been in use since 5000 years, it is now accepted by the American medical community. A research conducted on a group of women in 2002 has significantly shown positive results towards increasing the odds of pregnancy.

The main idea behind using acupuncture for fertility is, the procedure increases the blow flow to the uterus and the areas around the cervix. It helps to relax the muscles and giving higher chances to implant embryo safely into the uterus.

Even acupuncture helps with various other areas that affect your fertility. The therapy helps reduce the stress levels, which is proved as a great interferer of the pregnancy. Whenever you feel stressed, the hormone named cortisol is released in the brain thus leading to neurochemical imbalance. All these imbalances can change the hormone levels and thereby disrupting the pituitary balance, which is a key to the reproductive cycle. When there is a balanced level of hormones in your body, a matured egg is successfully released from the ovary. Any imbalance can prevent the ovary from releasing the egg. So, reducing the stress levels can improve the odds of getting pregnant. Most women feel that acupuncture helps with the stress that they feel while trying to conceive.

The treatment not only helps you in getting pregnant but also helps you after the conception. It helps to reduce various pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, nausea, pains and aches, insomnia, preparation for the birth, etc.

Acupuncture not only helps with woman’s fertility but also helps with male fertility. Hormone imbalance in men can also cause various fertility problems. Considering acupuncture regularly will boost the sperm count and motility. Even the treatment improves the quality and health of the sperm needed for successful conception.

A study conducted on few infertile men with the unknown cause when seeking acupuncture, they observed only a few sperm abnormalities and even there was an increase in the sperm count.

Acupuncture allows you to cross from the point of infertile to fertile by making several changes in your body’s energy levels. The treatment is more effective when you consider it along with conventional treatments like IVF.


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