What is the difference between IUI and IVF

Are you facing fertility issues? Then don’t worry, every fertility problem has some kind of treatment. Some problems are easily treated when compared to others. Whenever you consult your doctor, he/she may suggest you the most popular fertility treatments like IUI or IVF. Both the terms belong to reproductive terminologies but the treatments are different. Want to know how they differ from one another? Then go on reading…

difference between IUI and IVF


  • IUI is referred to as Intrauterine Insemination. It is usually performed when there is a problem with men who have weaker sperm.
  • The procedure involves the insertion of motile sperm into the woman’s uterus.
  • Basic elements of IUI include a collection of male sperm, cleaning for good sperm and directly inserting into the women’s cervix.
  • IUI concerned women must consider intrauterine insemination to conceive.
  • The chances of getting pregnancy completely depend on when high deposits of good sperm meet egg. Success rate mainly depends on you and your partner’s age and the type of fertility problem. Usually, IUI success rate is between 5-20%. The chances of conceiving will be more when you get IUI along with some fertility drugs.
  • It is an expensive treatment and women are more likely to develop other medical side effects.
  • Only one injection and few medications are involved to make a woman conceive.
  • IUI costs $500 for every cycle.
  • Quick and easy process.
  • Insertion of concentrated sperms is a painless procedure.
  • The best time to insert sperms into a woman is immediately before and after following her periods.


  • IVF is generally performed when there is a problem with the female reproductive system to conceive.
  • The procedure involves collecting good sperm and ova from men and women, combines ova and sperm outside and finally inserting into another female.
  • The basic elements of the procedure involve ovaries stimulation to release several eggs, removal of eggs from the ovary, in-vitro fertilization of egg and sperm, and then placement of 2days old embryo into the uterus.
  • Through IVF women’s conceive invitro and does not need any other medical treatments to conceive.
  • The chances of getting pregnancy are based on factors associated with quality of IVF laboratory, age, and infertility causes.
  • Multiple injections in a period of 8-12 days are injected into a woman to make her pregnant.
  • Expensive and more invasive!!
  • IVF costs $15000 per cycle
  • Complicated process
  • The procedure for making women conceive is a painful process
  • IVF results depend on age factor and cause of infertility in the women.

Individuals who are benefited from IUI include female having ovulation disorder, male having ejaculation process, a couple using donor sperm to conceive, woman having problems with cervical mucus and advancing maternal age. To undergo IUI, a woman must have at least a single fallopian tube, quality egg, ability to induce ovulation whereas male should be able to provide adequate semen parameters. IUI can also have success rates even without medications but medication based IUI treatment shows excellent and fast results of conceiving.

IVF is the best option for individuals having blocked fallopian tubes, failed IUI cycles, poor sperm parameters, vasectomy, advanced endometriosis. In case, any mature follicles are noticed during the IUI cycle, the cycle can be transformed into IVF cycle as well.


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