8 Simple Ways for Your Baby To Kick-Start the Day From Inside Your Womb

Are you a soon-to-be mummy? If you are in your second or third trimester, be ready to feel some of those precious foetal movement you have been craving for. Pregnancy is a blessing and the moment you feel little bundle of joy inside life turns exciting. For all apprehensive mothers who are waiting for that sheer moment of happiness, here are a few easy tricks to encourage the little one inside. Try out these simple antics :

Baby Movements During PregnancyFlavoursome tid-bits for a change:

Let us agree that we all get tired of eating routine diet at some point or the other. Yearning for tempting snacks is even more during pregnancy. Therefore, don’t resist yourself from trying out delicious healthy snacks like green yoghurt, fruits, peanut, butter toasts, etc. You will be surprised to know that a healthy snack or two can boost your baby’s movement.

Easy warm-up and stretching exercises:

Sometimes it becomes harder for physicians to tell how your child must be doing inside your womb. The easiest way to determine the baby’s development is by encouraging the mothers to indulge little at in physical activities like brisk walking, jogging and warm up. This can actually help the child take a new position which is easily traceable.

Light up the world for your baby:

Now, this may sound amazing for mothers expecting a baby. The foetus can distinguish between light and dark. Just gently turn on the flashlight and shine it on your bump. Your little one may voluntarily kick inside in response to the mild light exposure. No wonder, your little one is sensitive to light. Mummy! Turn on the spotlight for me.

Gently stroke and tickle your baby bump:

If someone lightly touches you or pokes you, what would be your reaction? The same as the growing foetus in your womb would feel upon being jiggled from outside. If you are on your last trimester, cheering up the foetus is vital. 8 and 9 months pregnant ladies have frequently said that they sensed plenty of foetal movements after they playfully poked their belly. This is a usual way of repositioning the child and measuring the little one through ultrasound.

Talking, talking and more talking:

Mummy dear can you hear? Your child has started to listen to you. Talk as much as you can to the bump. Your bundle of joy is actually listening to everything you are saying. Soon after he gains consciousness, the baby starts responding to noises and sounds around you. The question is, how will you know? He will start to kick and wriggle his tiny body. It’s a wonderful feeling for expecting mums.

Stay still to feel the gymnast in the womb:

While the doctor may have prescribed you to practice gentle workouts like walking or even jogging, you will be surprised to learn that your movements encourage the baby to fall asleep faster. It is only when you lie down that you can feel him moving. Can’t wait to experience this? Try rolling over to a particular side. You are bound to feel the foetus squirm.

Let the music play:

Remember, how much you adored listening to rhymes and lullabies during childhood? The tiny human inside your womb to expects you to turn on some groovy numbers. Every time you switch on the music player, you will discover his acrobatic talent.

Butterflies fluttering in the stomach:

Did you know that if you are 7 or 8 months pregnant the butterfly effect in your stomach can excite your baby? This jittery feel can inspire the little one to take up a new corner inside the belly.

Baby Movements During PregnancyThere are innumerable ways you can encourage the tiny one inside to show up his gymnastic capabilities while still in the womb. However, staying healthy and happy is the key to experiencing more baby kicks, squirms, and rolls inside the womb.


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