Choosing the Right Pregnancy Shoes


Wearing the right pregnancy shoes is very much important to prevent swelling, which can lead to painful arches and pinched toes. So, it is very important to find right pregnant shoes that can give your feet good support and great comfort throughout the pregnancy period.

Choosing the Right Pregnancy ShoesIt is essential to choose the shoes that are roomy and comfortable. According to the experts, pregnant women feet grow a half to one full size permanently during that period. To reduce the pregnancy-related discomfort, it is very important to get arch support in order to support the additional weight that your feet will be carrying.

You can choose athletic shoes that have roomy toe box as well as wear support stockings to reduce the swelling of your foot and ankle. Visiting a shoe store will help you to know your correct shoes size. Without knowing anything, getting one size bigger than your current foot size may not help to ease the discomfort. It may simply ease your pain, but leaves heel blisters.

Few pregnant women have foot problems like bunions, flat feet, heel spurs, or painful corns. During this condition, it is better to talk with a podiatrist to know about the right kind of shoes to get. These orthopedic conditions need to choose perfect shoes to ease your discomforts during pregnancy.

Once you know the exact size, you should start searching for shoes that exactly fit your feet. It is better to have a pair of casual shoes that best fit with your lifestyle. But, while choosing the casual shoes, you should make sure that they are not slippery. Also, don’t choose tying shoes because, with the increased stomach size, it will be very difficult for you to bend and tie them.

Few popular shoe brands that offer perfect pregnancy shoes include sketchers, born, Clarks, dansko, Dr. Scholl’s, hush puppies, etc. During summer, sandals or flip-flops are the right choices to prevent pregnancy swelling. This type of footwear lets your feet breathe.

Avoid wearing high heels as they can alter your spine curvature as well as the alignment of internal organs. Ultimately, it will affect the space required for your baby’s growth. Don’t prefer heeled footwear more than 25mm. soft leathered shoes are perfectly fit pregnant women. Stability is the most important thing that you need to look while buying pregnancy shoes. Shoe styles that support at the back of the heel are a perfect fit.


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