Comfy and Stylish Maternity Wear


There’s one question in the mind of every pregnant woman – is it possible to wear stylish clothes during pregnancy?  And the answer is yes! Finding maternity wear that is stylish is quite easy today.

During pregnancy the regular size bras, shirts, and leggings are not going to fit well due to a growing belly as well as the weight gained by the expecting mother. Special stretchable comfort dresses are available to fit snugly around the stomach. Although maternity wear may fit differently, it comes in similar designs as regular clothes so you don’t have to compromise on your dressing sense.

When to wear Pregnancy Clothes

You should go for maternity wear immediately after regular clothes begin to feel too tight for your body. You can choose the size of your pregnancy clothes according to the growing size of your belly and your overall body structure. In general, the regular pants and underwear are replaced first with the pregnancy pants, leggings, and underwear. The regular bras and t-shirts take some time to feel tight, usually during the final trimester of the pregnancy. If regular clothes make you uncomfortable, don’t wear them!

Pregnancy Bras

The need for a pregnancy bra is at the later stage of the pregnancy and postpartum when breastfeeding makes breast expansion and contraction extreme. Choose a bra size that fits the breast well when it is at its minimum size so that later it won’t slip from its position.

If you want a separate bra for nighttime wear then you could try a demi-cup bra as they are more comfortable. The cup helps to support an enlarged chest. However, before buying a demi-cup bra, measure the exact size of your chest to get a proper fit.

Comfy and Stylish Maternity Wear

For pregnant women, organic cotton bras are the best. It is extremely soft, hypo allergic and gives great comfort as it is more breathable than regular cotton. It also provides enough lift to the breast and maintains its shape and size.

Pregnancy T-shirt

The need for a maternity T-shirt arises immediately after the belly starts growing, in the second trimester. The regular T-shirts of pre-pregnancy size don’t fit well and feel tight around the belly. Special bump designed maternity T-shirts ensure that they don’t become short from the front due to the growing tummy. The specialty of these kinds of shirts is their capacity of hiding the growing belly under the design. However, you should make sure you choose a size that isn’t too tight.

Comfy and Stylish Maternity Wear

Pregnancy Leggings

A well-fitted legging can as easily be worn to work as to a weekend shopping with friends. An ill-fitting legging, on the other hand, can make you lose your self-confidence. As it is a skin-tight clothing, a little increase in size can affect the comfort level in a big way. Maternity leggings are made from highly elastic fabric that grows easily with pregnancy, especially around the tummy.

Comfy and Stylish Maternity Wear


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