Which type of bra to wear during pregnancy


Breasts like other parts of a woman’s body undergo changes during pregnancy. Thus, the bra should be suitable enough to support the growing breast. Breasts enlarge during pregnancy due to a number of reasons such as expanding rib cage, weight gain, hormonal reasons, production of milk in mammary glands, etc. Various signs such as breasts not being contained by the bra cups, uncomfortable feeling and the bra becoming tight are indications that the conventional bra needs to be discarded in favor of a maternity bra.

Which type of bra to wear during pregnancyWhat is a maternity bra?

A maternity bra is tailor-made to support growing breasts during pregnancy. A maternity bra is characterized by extra layers of fabric, soft cotton lining, extra hooks, and wider straps. Furthermore, a maternity bra does not have underwire cups like conventional bras.

What is a nursing bra?

Pregnant women can switch over to the nursing bra in the middle of the third trimester. Nursing bra features double layered back, supportive straps, reinforced lower cups, wider back end, and extra hooks. The bra also has a panel which can be opened to expose the nipples for breastfeeding. The nursing bra provides sufficient space for the enlarging breasts.

How to get hold of a good bra during pregnancy?

A suitable bra to wear during pregnancy must have the following features.

  • A bra should be of a light fabric such as cotton. Synthetic and laced bras should be avoided.
  • The breasts should be completely covered by the bra cups.
  • The bra should have wider shoulder straps, adjustable hooks, and support panels.
  • The nipples should be directed straight by the bra.
  • The bra straps should not delve into the shoulder line.


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