Tips on How to Calculate Ovulation Period


The women who wish to become pregnant may wonder how to calculate ovulation period.

If you know when you ovulate, you will know when to have intercourse to increase your chances of a pregnancy. You should have sex 3 days before ovulation and also a day after ovulation.

How to calculate the period of ovulation?

How to Calculate Ovulation PeriodThe simplest answer to this question is to subtract 15 days from the date when you are supposed to have your period. This means that if your period is due on the 25th, you have your most fertile days between the 8th and the 12th of the month. This guideline can be used if you have regular cycles of 28 days.

If you have shorter menstrual cycles, of 23-25 days, then calculating the ovulation period means that you have to subtract 10-15 days from the date of your period. In the case of 30-35 days long menstrual cycles you have to subtract 17-20 days to find out when you have your ovulation.

Ovulation test

In case you aren’t satisfied with the answer to the question of how to calculate ovulation period, you should know that you can also use an ovulation test that is more precise. These tests measure the LH level of your urine. You can find the test in pharmacies and they are pretty simple to use.

Basal body temperature

In case you have irregular cycles and you can’t calculate the ovulation period, this is a method that could work out for you. The theory behind the calculation of the ovulation period is that when you ovulate, your body temperature increases. You should start measuring right after your menstrual period is over.

When asking how to calculate ovulation period you should know that if you see a rise of temperature, it means that you had your ovulation the previous day. You should measure your temperature before getting out of bed, around the same time each morning.

Vaginal discharge

This is another ovulation period calculation method. Your vaginal discharge changes through your menstrual cycle. When it becomes watery and there is a greater amount of it, it means that you are ovulating. The characteristics of the discharge are important because discharge can help the sperm reach the egg.

Now you know how to calculate ovulation period and you can see that you have several possibilities. It is best if you opt for a combination of these methods.


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