Ovulation Tests for Accurate Prediction of Fertility


Want to know when the chances are high of becoming pregnant? Then ovulation tests are helpful to determine your most fertile periods. There are several types of ovulation tests. Most of the tests are pretty similar to pregnancy tests, and they work by detecting the existence of Luteinizing hormone (LH) present in the urine. The level of this hormone will increase 24-48 hours before ovulation, which triggers the release of the egg from the ovaries. This whole process is known as ovulation.

Ovulation Tests for Fertility Prediction

Ovulation tests are helpful to determine the higher chances of getting pregnant and can be used as a natural means of family planning. Even women who don’t want to become pregnant can use those tests to determine the chances of getting pregnant, and in those days, they can avoid intercourse.

Usually, women ovulate halfway through their cycles. But for unpredictable ovulation, you may need to do ovulation tests starting from day one of your menstrual cycles. The minimal cost of a test is a little lower than $2. Women who don’t have a regular menstrual cycle should buy them in bulk and test them daily to know the exact ovulation period.

Fertility monitors are the other type of ovulation test that detect Luteinizing and estrogen hormones. Women who have difficulty conceiving may use these fertility monitors, which are worth spending. They cost around $200, and for each month, you need strips that cost approximately $10. A woman can evaluate every day what her chances are of becoming pregnant. Note those daily readings in a chart; whenever you notice higher readings, those are high fertile days, and the chances of becoming pregnant are higher on those days.

Saliva testing is another type of ovulation test. A woman’s saliva is tested under the microscope using a special lens to determine fern-like patterns. When a woman ovulates, fern-like patterns are developed in her saliva. However, there is a high possibility of mistakes in recognizing the designs under a microscope, so better to use fertility monitors or urine strips. These tests are easy to use, and you can use them without any doctor’s prescription.

You can search online to understand most ovulation test kits better. Using these test kits is as easy as pregnancy test kits, and you can get an accurate result within minutes. Besides using ovulation kits, you should also pay attention to your abdominal pain and cervical mucus. You may observe changes in cervical mucus and experience abdominal pain when ovulating.


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