List of Clothes Not to Wear During Pregnancy


The entire pregnancy phase is a series of transformations taking place internally, physically and emotionally. It can be overwhelming at times and women tend have self doubts about future experiences. It is necessary to stay positive and feel good about yourself and your beautiful tomorrow. Comfort should be your priority, no matter how discomforting you may feel during the ups and downs of pregnancy period.

Dressing up is one sure way of feeling good, but you must ensure that the clothing is comfortable enough. Planning ahead and choosing the right clothes will go a long way in pregnancy. Let not uncomfortable wear bother you as you are advancing into different stages of pregnancy.

list of clothes not to wear during pregnancy

What not to wear during pregnancy?

Tight fitting clothes

Perfect fitting is what most women prefer, but you are not being wise when you choose them in pregnancy. Let your body breathe and avoid making things worse for yourself. Tight clothing can result in indigestion and acid reflux which can further lead to vomiting and nauseous feeling. Some women suffer from nausea in the initial months of their pregnancy. So even if you think that you are not showing yet and it’s ok for you to wear close fitted clothes around this time, then think again.

Since most expecting women experience bloating and swelling due to water retention, tight jeans, dresses, skirts, leggings or jeggings should be avoided. Bottom wear with drawstring fastening is a better option compared to those with waistband, belt or zipper, as it is easier to adjust the fitting as per your comfort around the waist. Drawstrings are skin friendly as well compared to other options. Remember not to fasten the drawstring too tight.

Unnatural Materials

Due to changing hormonal levels, you may feel hot flushes and excessive sweating during pregnancy. It is preferable to go with natural fabrics that are good absorbents and are good for your skin as well. Cotton is the top pick as it feels highly comfy. Organic material, linens, muslin and khadi are other best options. You may choose to wear clothes that have a cotton lining underneath. Avoid wearing synthetics, georgette, polyester, nylon or chiffon. Because of the hormones again, your skin tends to be highly sensitive and unnatural fabrics make it more prone to rashes and allergies.

Tight Inners

Your breasts start to grow naturally and feel tender, making you uncomfortable as your pregnancy progresses. Finding the right bra helps to ease this discomfort. Choose maternity bra or one that provides full support and coverage. Avoid going for underwired or padded bras as they can interfere with blood circulation and may lead to lump formation.

As your waistline also expands, you should invest in comfortable panties as well. Hormones can cause imbalances in the vaginal region, causing bacterial infection. Choosing fancy material panties can result in yeast infection, rashes or irritation. Cotton is the best choice again when it comes to inner wear.

Wrong Fabric

Ensure that the fabric you choose has stretch and flexibility to accommodate the growing waistline. Keep in mind that frequency of using the washroom also increases as the months grow, so it is important to find suitable material. Hormonal imbalances make women sensitive to weather during pregnancy. You will find that light coloured cotton feels airy, light and comfortable during summer and woollen keeps you cozy during winter time.

Unclean Clothes

Choose clean and fresh clothes regularly to avoid infections or skin irritations because you are more sensitive during pregnancy. Clothes that can be washed easily and frequently are preferable because nausea and sweating can make them dirty often.


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