What are the Causes of Pelvic Pain at Six Months of Pregnancy?


Pelvic pain is a common symptom of pregnancy, which may start to affect some women in their early pregnancy stage itself. This starts to grow as you complete your second trimester and tends to get more severe towards the end of your term.

What causes pelvic pain at six months of pregnancy?

As you approach six months, you may notice that the aches and cramps in your pelvis are getting slightly more uncomfortable. This is associated with a number of changes that affect women throughout their pregnancy.

6 months pregnant pelvic pain

Growing pains

At six months, most expecting women are already familiar with slight abdominal pains. These are mild twinges, known as accommodation pains. These help in making enough room for the baby to grow in your womb. As a result of your belly stretching, you may experience some level of pain in your lower abdomen and pelvis.

Pelvic Girdle pain

The rise in the production of hormones, causes the joints and pelvic ligaments to become soft and flexible. The symphysis pubis joint begins to stretch and becomes unstable. This leads to severe pelvic pain. Know more about symphysis pubis here. It may start early on during pregnancy and can get worse towards the last few weeks. Some women experience high levels of pelvis girdle pain, which can even hinder their mobility. Your doctor may suggest certain pelvic muscle strengthening exercises or pelvic support belt to manage the pain.

Round ligament pain

Round ligaments are like stretchy bands that run from the uterus to the pelvis. You experience a sudden, sharp pull when you stand up, change your position while lying down or make any sudden movement. This can be impactful, but lasts only for a few seconds, till the ligaments slowly return to their normal shape.


Constipation is a common complaint in pregnancy and can cause pelvic pain. This is due to the effect of hormones on digestive tract. Also, the supplements prescribed to you can slow down the digestive process. You need to increase the intake of water and consume more fruits and vegetables, while cutting down on processed foods.

False contractions

You may feel gripping pain in pelvic muscles, every now and then caused by Braxton Hicks contractions as your pregnancy moves forward. These are common and are usually known as practice pains. False contractions are irregular and not painful. These go away when you relax or drink water.


Sometimes, the pain you experience in your pelvic region or abdomen could be due to urinary tract infection. If this pain is accompanied with itching, foul smell or burning sensation when urinating, you should consult your doctor for treatment. If the condition goes untreated, it can get severe and cause other issues.


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