C Section Recovery Vs Natural Birth – What is The Difference?


The rate of cesarean deliveries is almost increased by 60% when compared to 1996. Women who are pregnant should know about both the methods of child birth. Because we cannot predict how we can deliver the baby. So knowing about both the procedures will give you a better idea.

C-Section Recovery:

C Section Recovery Vs Natural BirthCesarean deliveries are riskier when compared to natural births. As the abdominal scar involved in C-section exposes you to the bacteria thus increasing the chances of infection. Also, cesarean deliveries include a higher amount of blood loss, blood clots and in some rare cases it can keep you at risk of death.

The recovery period for C-section can last up to six weeks. Even after you recover, you will have complications with your future pregnancies. Also, there are some risks associated with cesarean delivery, such as:

  • Uterine rupture
  • Placenta implantation problems
  • Bowel injuries
  • Bladder problems
  • Second cesarean delivery
  • Risk of hysterectomy in future

Even though, cesarean delivery involves such kind of problems, about 30 percent of US births are cesarean deliveries. Women who had cesarean delivery may feel painful intercourse even three months after the delivery. Also, the new mother experiences discomfort as her digestive system returns to normal because of trapped gas.

You may experience burning and itching at the scar site. Burning and painful sensations may last for 6-8 weeks. Also, women who had cesarean delivery should have to wait more before starting any exercise program.

Why C-section is most preferred?

Even though cesarean involves many risks that are listed above, what makes it that much popular… Yes.. I am talking about this. The most important reason is that one cesarean leads to more cesarean deliveries. Having the first child through cesarean delivery makes it riskier to have the second child through vaginal delivery. Doctors are also worried about performing risky procedures as they may keep both mother and the baby at risk.

The other reason why c-section much popular is due to its convenience for both the mother and the doctor.

Natural birth:

Though the natural birth doesn’t include any risks and complications, it can cause discomfort in her genital area, especially if the pregnant woman had tearing or episiotomy and hemorrhoids. Also, there is a chance of sharp lower back pain if the coccyx was displaced. Also, women who give natural birth may take longer time feel the intercourse pleasurable.

Recovery period for a vaginal birth is only two weeks with less postpartum pain. Also, there is shorter hospital stay with natural birth i.e. 24-48 hours.

Also, there is a smaller risk of a respiratory problem with vaginal delivery. Also, your baby is less likely to develop diseases like asthma, food allergies and lactose intolerance later in life. This is due to the exposure of beneficial bacteria in the birth canal.


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