Complications of Pinworm Infection During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is known to bring about a lot of changes at different stages in the body, but some of these can be nasty and discomforting. One such occurrence is pinworm infection, caused by a parasitic worm nesting in the intestines. If you find yourself itchy all the time, close to the vaginal area, it could indicate a sign of infection. Pinworm infection is caused when you touch an infected person or things and then accidentally swallow the invisible eggs.

Effects of Pinworm Infection in Pregnancy

Pinworm infection is not known to cause any serious health issues in pregnant women. These parasitic worms do not infect or hurt the foetus in anyway when you are expecting. The infection can cause some level of discomfort, but you do not have to worry about the infection affecting your baby prior to birth. Unfortunately, your family doctor may not prescribe any medications when you are pregnant, because the medicine may interfere with normal foetal development. It is best left untouched by medicine and the best alternative is following personal hygiene.

Pinworm Infection During Pregnancy

In some cases, if the threadworms infection is left uncared for and a proper hygiene is not followed, it may cause severe infestation and this may lead to some complications if you are pregnant.

Complications of Pinworm Infection

Serious health issues arising from pinworm infection are a rare occurrence, but if they are caused, here are some of the problems you might experience.

  • In particular cases, due to severe infection, the parasites may travel from the anal region to the urethra through vagina and cause vaginal inflammation.
  • Worms reaching the pelvic area may lead to uterine lining inflammation and Fallopian tube inflammation.
  • Heavy pinworm infection may result in urinary tract infection, when the worms move to the bladder in pregnant women.
  • In certain cases, worms migrating to the appendix may cause appendicitis.
  • Severe infestation leads to severe itching and scratching of the affected area. This might damage the skin and leave it vulnerable to other bacterial infections.
  • Pinworms in significant numbers can suck up all the essential nutrients from your body causing loss of weight.
  • Heavy population of pinworms can result in uncomfortable stomach pain.
  • All the discomfort and irritation can leave you sleepless at nights.
  • In extremely rare cases, pinworms may reach the liver or lungs.

It is mostly when the infection is not taken care of in the initial stages, that it gets worse. Pinworms multiply and re-infection happens when new eggs keep getting ingested due to poor hygiene practices.

In pregnancy, it is of high importance to acknowledge any minor changes in the body that maybe bothering you and get them evaluated with your physician at the earliest. Since medications are not a safe option for expecting mothers, you may try some home measures to slow down the spread and reduce the pinworm issue until the delivery.


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