Implantation Bleeding and its Possible Symptoms

Implantation bleeding refers to light spotting, a woman experiences when she conceives. This is often considered as a very early sign of pregnancy. Not all women experience this bleeding and some may not even notice this.

Implantation bleeding is completely different from your regular menstrual bleeding, but is often confused by most women. This may be due to the reason that this happens around the same time as your regular period.

Implantation bleeding

When the egg is fused with the sperm, the new cell starts growing rapidly, while moving through the Fallopian tube. It keeps changing many forms and when this cell cluster reaches the uterus, it is referred to as embryo. Here, the embryo attaches itself to the lining of the uterus and remains there for the next nine months, growing into a fetus.

When the embryo tries to find its way into the wall of the uterus and get affixed, tiny blood vessels present in the uterine lining, get damaged and this will be discharged through vagina as implantation bleeding. You will notice this as light bleeding. However, this is nothing to be concerned about and very normal.

what is implantation bleeding and symptoms

Implantation bleeding is not long lasting and occurs as spotting in most cases. It may last for a few hours in some women and a few days in others. The color is not as dark and bright as your regular period. Know more about implantation bleeding here.

Symptoms of implantation bleeding

Here are some other signs related to implantation bleeding


Most women experience nausea in their early pregnancy stage and this can possibly mean you are pregnant.


When implantation bleeding is triggered, women may also experience cramping in their lower abdomen. This may happen for a few hours or for few days. This is a normal symptom of pregnancy in some cases.

Sore breasts

Women notice soreness of breasts very early on during pregnancy. This happens due to the increased hormonal changes.


You may feel extremely tired or too sleepy in your early pregnancy stage. The increased load of hormones combined with your body’s new changes to cater to the fetus, take a toll on you.


The hormones can play havoc on how you feel and you will be easily on the verge of tears or anger or irritation.


Some women may experience headaches in their early pregnancy. This is a common symptom.

Changes in taste

Some women suddenly find regular food to be tasteless and bland. Others may experience cravings for certain foods.

If you have been keeping track of your ovulation cycle, you will likely notice these changes early on. Not all the signs, but at least one or a few of these may likely indicate that you have conceived.


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