How to Cure Loose Motions in Pregnancy- At 32 Weeks


Signs and symptoms pertaining to pregnancy differ in a lot of ways in different women. Your body changes both internally as well as externally. Most internal changes can be attributed to hormones. Continues rise and fall of hormonal levels affect the digestive system, resulting in gas, acidity, constipation or diarrhoea. Not all women go through all of these stomach issues.

Loose stools can happen at any stage of pregnancy because of hormones, changes in food habits or prenatal vitamins. Although diarrhoea can occur at any time of your pregnancy period, it becomes more common in the third trimester. Your body maybe readying itself for labor as you get close to 32 weeks, but this doesn’t mean that you will be going into labor soon. You do not have to worry because often, loose stools go away on their own after sometime without the need for medicines. If they don’t, then you should consult your gynaecologist who may prescribe medications.

loose motion in 32 week of pregnancy

Pregnancy related causes

  • When women make drastic changes in their food habits in an effort to eat more healthy, it takes a toll on their stomach and causes loose stools.
  • Hormones can either slow down the digestive process in some women or speed it up in others causing diarrhoea.
  • Certain foods that never troubled you before may make you food sensitive in pregnancy, causing your stomach bloated and upset.
  • Your prescribed multivitamins may not work for you and cause loose stools.

Other Factors

  • Loose stools in pregnancy may be caused due to bacterial or viral infections.
  • Food poisoning may be a reason for upset stomach, often accompanied by nausea.
  • You may be suffering from stomach flu.
  • Presence of parasites such as threadworms in the gut can cause diarrhoea.

When you are close to 32 weeks, frequent watery stools can result in dehydration. You need to be cautious and consult your doctor for suggestions. Self-medication or taking medicine recommended by others because they worked for them, can be very risk especially during pregnancy. It is better to try home remedies under the guidance of a heath care provider for safety.

Curing Remedies

  • Most important measure is to drink plenty of water. You may be recommended to consume more fluids such as soups, fresh fruit juices and tender coconut water.
  • If diarrhoea is due to prenatal multivitamins, your doctor may suggest an alternative brand.
  • Avoid eating spicy, fatty and deep fried foods. Other foods that may trigger diarrhoea such as diary products, processed foods containing high sugars and caffeinated drinks should be limited.
  • Eating yogurt and consuming plenty of buttermilk is known to be effective in clearing bacterial infection and restoring your gut balance.
  • Most doctors recommend eating bananas, potatoes, rice and toast to help restore the loss of electrolytes due to loose stools.


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