Signs to Identify Round Ligament Pain

It is common for expecting women to feel a host of symptoms and these can range from negligible to alarming. One such common discomforts of being pregnant is the round ligament pain. This occurs in the lower abdomen, hips or in pelvic region. Most women complain about this in their second trimester, but it can begin anytime and occurs now and then throughout the pregnancy period.

Causes of round ligament pain

Round ligaments are flexible band-like supportive structures that are present on the sides of the uterus. These are normally thick and firm, but in pregnancy, they can become soft and stretchy. Usually, they stretch and get back to original place slowly. During pregnancy, growing weight of the uterus adds strain on these ligaments. Also, any quick activity can make these ligaments to snap back in shape like a spring. This results in a sharp, piercing ache in the lower belly or groin area.

round ligament pain symptoms

Symptoms of round ligament pain

This is usually characterized by pain and discomfort and it can vary in severity for different women.

  • It can be sudden, jab like feeling in some women and a dull achy sensation in others.
  • Feels like a twisting or tugging sensation on the sides or groin.
  • Intense, jabbing pain around the abdomen that is brief.
  • Sharp sensation is mostly felt on the right side of the pelvis.
  • Sudden pain is felt when you do an activity quickly such as turning over, standing up, waking up, laughing, sneezing or coughing.

This can be hurting, but the discomfort only lasts for a short while, usually a few seconds. This is considered normal and doesn’t require any treatment. Pain subsides when you change your current position or posture. Light stretches or exercises recommended by your doctor prove to be helpful in dealing with the pain. Know more about causes of stomach pain in second trimester here.

You should be on the lookout for other symptoms along with this pain and notify to your doctor, if they feel abnormal. In case there is bleeding, burning sensation when urinating, high temperature or increasing pain in combination with round ligament pain, you should seek medical help immediately.


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