What is Known as Round Ligament Pain?

Round ligaments are supportive structures that surround your womb. These are shaped like wires and lend support to the growing uterus. As you advance into your second trimester, round ligaments tend to stretch and cause a sudden jab of pain, once in a while. This is referred to as round ligament pain.

It is normal to experience pain due to round ligaments in pregnancy. Usually, you may experience ache or discomfort in pelvic area or onto the right side of your belly, but you may feel it on both the sides.

This pain may begin as early as first trimester, but most women experience it in their second half of the pregnancy. Not every woman feels this pain due to round ligaments in pregnancy. Some women may not find any discomfort at all.

Round ligaments usually flex slowly, like spams. The weight of the growing baby in the womb, adds pressure on these ligaments. Sudden shifting can make these ligaments to become tight from their relaxing state and this can cause sharp, intense pain.

what is round ligament pain

Round ligament pain can be caused due to rapid body movements such as –

  • Shifting your position when sleeping
  • Getting up quickly from sitting position
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Laughing
  • Sudden jerky movements

This pain is known to last only a short while and goes away on its own, as you relax. There is no necessity of taking medication for this symptom. To avoid discomfort when coughing or sneezing, try to flex your body ahead.

Pain in the lower abdominal area, every now and then may be common pregnancy symptom, but sometimes it can also be due to another health issue. In case, if you experience chills or a high temperature along with the pain, you should consult your doctor. If your pain increases moderately or severely, or if there is pain when urinating or if the pain is accompanied by bleeding, it can be a concern and needs to be addressed by your doctor immediately.


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