Hunger Pangs During Early Stages of Pregnancy


If you’re having those unexplainable and odd hunger pangs in the early stages of your pregnancy, don’t worry! It’s a perfectly normal phenomenon. There is no great secret behind your cravings; it’s the tiny baby inside you that needs the added nourishment to grow. As an expecting mother, you may be exposed to some weird and sudden hunger pangs and those can even be for the food you would never eat otherwise.

However normal this phenomenon may seem, it becomes difficult to control and you tend to generally eat stuff that adds more to your fat than nourishment. Read on to discover some quick and simple ways to avoid these hunger pangs early in your pregnancy.

Sensible Eating

Hunger Pangs During Early Stages of PregnancyIt’s a simple fact that if you leave your stomach empty for too long, you are sure to have hunger pangs and you are most likely to make a bad choice of food intake. You definitely do not want to add on to your calories during pregnancy as adding unwanted fat is going to be a big burden. It would take quite a long time for you to shed those extra kilos after delivery.

A pregnant woman does not actually require any extra food or calories during the first trimester. So do not feel bad if your peers suggest you not to eat too much and try to control your eating habits to nutritious food.

Small Portions, Frequently

Ensure that you eat something every 2.5-3 hours. This will not give you the ‘I’m very hungry’ feeling to hog on to a lot of food. Drinking milk also helps; it keeps your stomach filled for quite some time and gives you the necessary nourishment required. An empty stomach can cause nausea, hence ensure to eat good nutritious food in the right quantity.

Keep a Routine

Having a disciplined lifestyle also helps a lot in dealing with the first trimester of pregnancy. Eat at regular intervals and if your gynecologist allows you, have an active lifestyle. It will help in avoiding sudden hunger pangs. During this stage, it is advisable to have your cupboards and bed side racks full with light nutritious snacks that can help you eat healthy during your sudden midnight cravings.

Yes, you are eating for two, but remember the ‘other one’ is much smaller than you and does not require all of those extra calories. A little nutritious portion would be enough for the baby inside, the rest is just going to cling to your body and add extra fat. Do not let it happen and eat sensibly to avoid sudden hunger pangs.


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