Is it safe to eat cake during pregnancy?


Many women indeed experience unusual cravings during pregnancy. Sweets, fast food, pickles, ice cream, fruit juice, chocolate, etc., are some foods that pregnant women crave the most during pregnancy; it’s natural for women to crave odd combinations of their favorite foods.

Pregnancy cravings generally start during the first trimester of pregnancy. These cravings o to peak during the second trimester and gradually reduce during the last trimester.

So if you are craving sweetest, you might get tempted to eat cakes or pastries at some point.

Is it safe to eat cake during pregnancy

Eat cake in moderation during pregnancy.

Well yes! Eating a piece of cake once in a while doesn’t affect you and your baby’s health. But during pregnancy, it is best to prevent binge eating cakes or any other desserts as it might impact your health. 

A healthy diet will ensure you get enough nutrients required for the baby’s development during pregnancy. Moreover, morning sickness can affect your health, so consuming healthy foods and drinking lots of water is necessary. 

Why should you avoid eating cakes during pregnancy? 

Eating cake in moderation is fine, but don’t overeat it, as it contains zero nutritional value, refined sugar, saturated fats, and curbs your hunger for a short time. Besides, cakes may increase your blood sugar levels. So, it should be eaten in moderation. 

Promotes weight gain

Eating cakes and pastries offer you empty calories. Cakes are made with lots of butter and sugar. This will result in unhealthy and excessive weight gain during pregnancy. 

Presence of alcohol

A small amount of alcohol is used to enhance the flavor of the cakes. But it’s not good for your baby. So avoid those cakes which have alcohol in them.

Contains unhealthy supplements

Instant cake mix and store-bought cakes are not good for you and your baby. They may contain unhealthy supplements like added flavors taste enhancers. 

Types of cakes to try during pregnancy

If you love eating cakes, we suggest you opt for healthier versions and eat them in limited amounts. Below is the list of some of the healthier versions of cakes that you can try.

Hummingbird cake

Instead of using loads of sugar, hummingbird cake uses banana, pineapple, and coconut sugar. As all the sweeteners used are natural sugars, this is a healthy option to choose

Angel food cake

Angel food cake is made of beaten egg whites instead of butter. So it has less fat content in them and can satisfy your sweet cravings. 

Yogurt cake

You can make a cake using yogurt. Yogurt is an essential part of a pregnant woman’s diet, as it contains calcium, protein, and good bacteria for your digestion. But make sure to consume yogurt cake quickly as it can get spoiled soon.

Dark chocolate cake

Dark chocolates and unsweetened cocoa contain antioxidants. So you can eat a piece or two of dark chocolate cake during pregnancy. But make sure your cake doesn’t contain any alcohol in it.

Bottom Line

Eating cake in small amounts will not affect you and your baby’s health until you exceed the recommended amount. For better understanding, consult your nutritionist.


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