Best Pregnancy Exercises Second Trimester


The majority of the doctors say that pregnant women should exercise and so you may want to look for second-trimester pregnancy exercises.

Aerobic exercises like swimming, cycling, strength training, and relaxation exercises are all great for pregnant women unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

Weight training

During the second trimester, the blood volume of the body increases and, the baby and the placenta are growing rapidly. If you are standing for longer periods of time, the blood can pool in your legs and this can make you dizzy or lightheaded. So while weight training, you should sit during the exercises.

Running and jogging

second trimester pregnancy exercisesWhen thinking about the second trimester’s pregnancy exercises you should know that if you are a trained runner, you could continue practicing this sport. However, you should know that during this time the uterus grows and so your center of gravity can shift.

This means that while you are doing the second-trimester pregnancy exercises you have higher chances of falling and injuring yourself. When you are running, you should make sure that you are running on flat ground and that there are as few obstacles in your way as possible.


In case you are looking for pregnant women’s exercises in the second trimester you should know that as you get bigger, your balance can be affected. You should listen to your body and exercise only if you feel comfortable with it. Your breathing should be smooth and if you have problems breathing, you should find an easier version of the given position.


Just as in case of running, when it comes to second-trimester pregnancy exercises, if you were a swimmer before you got pregnant, you should be able to go on with it without any difficulties. If you are new to the sport, you should take it slow and start with short distances.


Pregnancy brings a lot of changes and so if you are thinking about the pregnant women’s second-trimester exercises you should remember that during this time your posture is very important. You should keep your hips tucked under so that you don’t arch your back. If you experience difficulties with breathing, you should stop and rest for a while.

There are a lot of second-trimester pregnancy exercises that you could practice but you have to take good care of yourself.


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