Pelvic Floor Exercises During Pregnancy


A lot of women hear about the pelvic floor exercises pregnancy. These are important because during this time there is more pressure on the pelvic floor muscles. The hormone relax in makes the muscles relax and this is why it is so important to exercise them: there are a lot of long-term benefits.

Slow exercise options

For this exercise, you should sit down with your legs slightly apart. The pull up the muscle around the back passage and then pull up towards the front. Hold position and count to four while breathing normally. Make sure that you aren’t using the buttock muscles. You can do this by placing your hand under your buttocks.

Remember about this one of the pregnancy exercises for the pelvic muscles that it is alright if you contract the lower ab muscles. When the exercise becomes easy for you, increase the time period for which you hold. Keep in mind that in this case quality is more important than quantity.

Option two

In case of this one of the pelvic floor exercises pregnancy, you should think of your pelvis as a lift. Start by gently tightening the muscles around the anus and the vagina and then tighten them even more. After this start relaxing the muscles until you relax them entirely.

Another thing you could try regarding the pelvic floor exercises of pregnant women is to blow or cough into your fist. This way the pelvic muscles will be pushed down which is something like when the head of the baby is pushing against the muscles so you will have an idea what you have to prepare for.

Fast exercises

When looking for pelvic floor exercises pregnancy you should try tightening and relaxing the muscles of the pelvis as fast as you can a few times in a row. The muscles contract naturally when you cough or sneeze. Before laughing, sneezing or coughing you should try pulling these muscles up.

When to do the pregnancy women’s pelvic floor exercises?

The good thing about these exercises is that you can fit them into your daily routine. It is best if you do about 50 of them every day. One of the strategies is to put small stickers around the house to remind you that you should do the exercises.

The pelvic floor exercises pregnancy is meant to help you when you give birth and during the period after birth when your body needs time to heal.


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