5 Best Pregnancy Exercises to Lose Weight


Pregnancy is the most joyous time in every woman’s life but despite the joy, most women worry about gaining unwanted weight during pregnancy. Women who are overweight prior to getting pregnant should try to control the weight gain in order to have a healthy pregnancy. There are several pregnancy exercises to lose weight and make yours under control.

1. Walking as pregnancy exercises to lose weight

Walking is one of the safest pregnancy exercises to lose weight. It is the best cardiovascular activity for pregnant women and it helps maintain fit body without trembling your ankles and knees. It is the safe pregnancy exercise that you can continue throughout the pregnancy period. Rigorous walking is not recommended in case you feel exhausted or breathless. Pushing yourself beyond the limit forces the body to utilize the oxygen that should be going to your baby.

Pregnancy Exercises to Lose Weight

2. Aqua aerobics and swimming as pregnancy exercises to lose weight

Overweight women who are pregnant need not control their food intake. Insufficient food intake can adversely affect the health of your child. Instead of controlling the food, you can practice pregnancy exercises, such as aqua aerobics and swimming. Not only aerobics can control your weight gain, but also it can make your delivery faster and less complicated.

Pregnancy Exercises to Lose Weight

Also, swimming uses large muscles groups of arms and legs. This low impact exercise program offers good cardiovascular health and also allows pregnant women to feel weightless.

3. Yoga, Pilates or stretching as pregnancy exercises to lose weight

Yoga and Pilates are the effective mind-body workout during pregnancy period that can not only maintain good health but also lose weight. Pilates can improve your flexibility, muscle tone, and strength. The main aim of Pilates is to strengthen your core and also to improve your posture. Whereas, stretching exercises will improve your flexibility, prevent muscle tightening and make you feel more relaxed.

Pregnancy Exercises to Lose Weight

4. Cycling as pregnancy exercises to lose weight

Cycling is a low impact exercise that can be safe for pregnant women. But you should take extra precaution to reduce the risk of falls.

Pregnancy Exercises to Lose Weight

5. Strength training as pregnancy exercises to lose weight

Most women practice strength training workouts during pregnancy to maintain proper muscle strength and endurance. Weight training is more effective for pregnant women because it offers the strength you need to compensate the posture adjustment as well as weight gain that occur during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Exercises to Lose Weight

Obese women should not over exercise only with the intention of losing weight during pregnancy. Being fit and healthy are the important factors for giving birth to a healthy baby.


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