Different Types Of Pregnancy Yoga Poses


Pregnancy is one of the most special times in the life of a woman because the experience of pregnancy is great. But pregnancy can result in significant changes in a woman’s body such as sickness, painful leg cramps, mood swings, breathing problem, and fatigue, which make the person feel uncomfortable. To feel comfortable and relaxed, yoga can be an ideal solution. Yoga is a spiritual route to relax mentally and physically. It is a physical exercise that provides therapeutic effects for many people and helps to improve overall health. There are many different types of yoga exercises, techniques, and postures you can do.

Prenatal yoga is safe and has many benefits for pregnant women include

  • Relieve anxiety and stress
  • Reduce lower-back pain, headaches, shortness of breath, sickness and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Improve your sleep
  • Reduce the risk of preterm labor

First-trimester Pregnancy yoga poses:

Types Of Pregnancy Yoga PosesThe first three months of pregnancy a lot of changes in your body. So you should exercise carefully in the first trimester and also try to avoid rigorous exercise in the initial stages of your pregnancy. If you are new to yoga, it is important for you to follow your yoga teacher. Before you start yoga training during your pregnancy, it is very important to know several basic moves in pregnancy yoga.

There are various best yoga poses for the first trimester such as:

  • Standing yoga pose
  • twisted pose
  • Chair Pose
  • Side Angle Pose
  • Cat-cow pose
  • Butterfly Pose
  • Seated forward bend pose

These poses are advised poses, which helps to strengthen your legs, thighs, pelvic and abdominal muscles, reduce leg cramps, generate energy and improve circulation. If you have any difficulty in doing these poses, you can ask for help from your yoga trainers.

Second-trimester Pregnancy yoga poses:

Doing yoga during second-trimester pregnancy is considerably safe, but you should avoid strenuous and vigorous exercises as it will slow down the flow of oxygen to the fetus.

There are various best yoga poses for the second trimester such as:

  • Warrior poses I, II, III
  • Tree Pose
  • Extended side angle pose
  • Hand-raising pose
  • Flapping fish pose
  • Cat stretch pose
  • Squat and rise pose

These poses will help to loosen smooth muscles, improve blood circulation and digestive system and also help to ease the stress and will make you feel relaxed and calm.

Third-trimester Pregnancy yoga poses:

If you are in the third trimester, you are constantly aware of your baby’s movements like twisting, moving and kicking inside you. There are numerous pregnancy yoga poses that are beneficial during the third trimester.

There are various best yoga poses for the third trimester such as:

  • Half moon pose
  • Supported reclining pose
  • Bound angle pose
  • Cobbler’s pose
  • Side-lying pose
  • Squatting
  • Extended triangle pose

Practicing these yoga poses during this period will help you to reduce fatigue, water retention, and insomnia. During this period, don’t do any new exercise by yourself as this will affect the position of your baby in the womb, and you may need for c-section.


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