When is it Time to Stop Exercising During Pregnancy?

Exercising is definitely beneficial in many ways and even more so, if you are pregnant. Regular physical activity ensures that you stay healthy throughout your pregnancy and in avoiding many problems. It is highly recommended that you take up a physical activity of your interest when expecting and practice it regularly. There are certain exceptions where you are advised against it, so it’s better to check with your doctor first.

If you have any existing condition, which may have an impact in any way if you exercise during pregnancy, then your doctor may ask you to discontinue. If you are healthy, then you should continue with your workout regimen until the end of your term. It helps you stay fit, strengthen your muscles and makes you flexible. All this proves to be useful in preparing your body for labor and delivery. You will also be able to recover quickly after delivery and get fit easily too.

stop exercising during pregnancy

It’s time to stop exercising during pregnancy-

  • If you develop hypertension because of pregnancy.
  • If the weather or environment around you is too hot. Increase in temperature, increases the body’s temperature, which causes the blood to flow to your skin, in order to cool it down. This is not safe for the fetus, as the blood flow to the uterus decreases. You should also avoid hot baths and saunas.
  • If diagnosed with lung or heart related issues during pregnancy.
  • If you are diagnosed with conditions related to cervix or placenta.
  • If you experience pain in your abdomen.
  • If you feel dizzy, nauseous or uncomfortable while exercising.
  • If you experience difficulty in breathing or headaches.
  • If you experience contractions that seem to happen again and again when you exercise, it could be a sign of preterm labor. You should stop exercising immediately and consult your doctor.
  • If you experience any vaginal fluid leaks, then you should check with your doctor as soon as possible.
  • If your pregnancy is diagnosed to be high-risk and you have been advised bed rest, then you should avoid any movements that can make the situation more difficult for you.

If you have been regularly working out before conceiving, then you should reflect on what exercises to continue and what to avoid after pregnancy. Learn here about safe exercises during pregnancy.

  • When you enter second trimester, you should avoid exercises that require lying on your back for long periods. This may restrict blood flow to the fetus. You may also feel dizzy or breathless.
  • Avoid holding your breath practice during pregnancy, because your body’s oxygen requirement is more now.
  • Avoid exercises that require standing in one posture for a long time.
  • High impact workouts or sports that may cause injury should be avoided.


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