Know The Odds of Getting Pregnant


The odds of becoming pregnant may alter with each month, and it depends on several factors, such as age, weight, and how long a couple tries to get pregnant. Women in their 30s may have fewer chances of conceiving when compared to women in their 20s. Experts said that usually, it takes four months to become pregnant. A fertility calculator can help to know the odds of getting pregnant.

Here is the statistical analysis on how many couples become pregnant for each month when they start trying:

  • Usually, the chances of becoming pregnant for each month in every ovulatory cycle are 15-25%. This is applicable for a couple who does everything perfectly, the couple should not have any medical issues, and the partner’s sperm count should be correct.
  • About 40% of the couple trying to conceive will become pregnant during the first three months, and about 70% of the couple will become pregnant during the first six months of trying.
  • About 85% of couples who are trying to conceive will become pregnant during the first year of trying. But the fact is that the ability to conceive at any cycle will greatly drop after 30 years.

Women with irregular periods may take even more time to conceive because it is hard to predict when they ovulate. If you haven’t become pregnant even you tried for one year; then you should talk with your doctor about the possible option. There are several methods to treat infertility; some are simple, while others are high-tech. You need to consult a fertility specialist or reproductive endocrinologist to know more about those treatment methods.

The below chart describes the chances of conceiving for different age groups:

Age Chances of conceiving in a year
Below 25 96%
25 to 34 86%
35 to 44 78


Similar to women; men too have an equal role in getting pregnant. Some factors of men that have a great impact on pregnancy are sperm quantity and quality. According to the research, the best sperm quality is around the age of 25 years, and the peak point of sperm quality and quantity is around 36 years old. During the conceiving times, both the men’s and women’s health is very important in terms of psychological and physical factors


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