Aches & Pains- A Part & Parcel of Pregnancy


When a woman is expecting, she generally expects a beautiful belly and exciting cravings. What she usually forgets is the aches and pains that come along with it as an add-on during these 9 months. When pregnancy aches and pains happen, it is usually a state of panic for the young expecting mother and she rushes to the doctor. But are these aches and pains actually a reason to worry? Not really! Such aches and pains are generally common during this period.

But the question still remains as to why such aches and pains occur?

Carrying a baby in the womb gives a lot of pressure to the muscles, veins, and joints which makes it quite uncomfortable around the stomach area. (Quite obviously, your body parts are well spread in their places and they have to adjust when your baby acquires a stay in there for 9 months.) All through your pregnancy, the flexible but tough ligaments and tissues that interconnect your bones stretch during the 9 month period to give optimum support to your uterus. Hence, when you move around, there is a feeling of slight pain on one or both sides of your body.

Aches & Pains- A Part & Parcel of PregnancyThese aches and pains are a way of your body telling you that it is adjusting to the new development inside you. All you have to do is take care of yourself and rest adequately. Your body is working hard inside and wants you to take it slow during these nine months so that extra pressure is not put on your body muscles.

Every trimester has its fair share of aches and pains for a pregnant woman. Carrying a baby inside a body is not an activity your body is accustomed to. Therefore, these aches and pains constitute to be an integral part of pregnancy.

How to deal with pregnancy-related aches and pains?

If overall your body scans and tests are fine, there’s nothing to worry. However, in case of severe pains, it is important to take your gynecologist’s advice. Usually, when such pains and cramps occur, all you need to do is to take rest. It eases the normal aches and pains. Having a warm bath also helps a lot.

Taking adequate rest and not forcing your body to unwanted exercise is the best way to ease such pains. Take care of the posture while you sit and sleep as they too have a large impact in determining the frequency of such cramps.

Aches and pains are a bit uncomfortable but they assure you that your body is working hard towards giving your baby adequate space that is a home to him for nine months.


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