Five Weird Pregnancy Dreams and What Do They Mean


Usually, dreams are like fun house mirrors that reflect your emotional state. As the pregnancy is a roller coaster experience for most women, it is not surprising if you experience weird, crazy and vivid dreams than usual. According to the experts, the reason for these emotional ups and downs is due to higher levels of progesterone hormone produced during pregnancy period.

Here are the strange dreams during pregnancy

1. Being attacked or chased by animals or something else

Pregnancy DreamsMost women usually complain about this dream. In their dream, they feel that they are being chased by aliens, zombies, ghosts, gun men, vampires, wild animals, serial killers, or some other frightening figures. Such kinds of dreams are a sign that your instinct of motherhood is responding and you are thinking about how to protect your baby from outside harms. Your thinking about yourself and baby’s safety is much higher, particularly when the due date is very near. The inadequate motion may also make you feel helpless and vulnerable, which may also be the cause of such kind of weird dreams.

2. Labor dreams

When you are near to your due date, it is very common to experience dreams of labor. This is because your mind is already preoccupied when you will go into labor. You may have several questions in your mind like, will you reach the hospital on time, what will happen if you don’t reach on time, where will you be and what not should occur. All these dreams will make you feel something going wrong with labor. Don’t worry, discuss with your doctor about all the possibilities when you are in such kind of situation.

3. Something may happen to the baby

When you feel such kind of things in your mind, there are several questions come all together at once. Such as: Forgetting about where you keep the baby, not concentrating when your baby cries, dropping the baby from your hands, misplacing your baby, forgetting your baby in a shopping mall or anywhere outside. All these questions are common to many pregnant women because they fear that whether they can completely take off the baby or not.

4. Violent symbols

It is very common to dream about violent objects like water symbols, particularly during the third trimester. In such kind of vivid pregnancy dreams, you may see big oceans, tidal waves, drowning in the water, and even breaking waters. During the third trimester, you may feel the water as massive, active and violent. Feeling inundated or overwhelmed is the main cause of such kind of dreams. All such water symbols may make feel that your water may break and you may rush into the labor room.

5. Denial from the spouse

As we all know that pregnancy can bring many changes in the way you look. Some women may become more beautiful while others may become even uglier. Women who belong to the second category may dream that their spouse is taking up with someone else and not being attracted to you anymore. But such kind of dreams may even make you feel stressed which is not good for you and your baby. Talk to your spouse with a relaxing mind to know what is there in his mind.


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