Easy Home Remedies for Back Pain during Pregnancy


As enjoyable as you think pregnancy is, it brings many changes in your body. Your body makes way for the baby to grow inside you for the next 9 months and in this process, every organ of your body adjusts to fit your baby’s needs. A result of such change is growing back pain.

As your baby grows, it becomes a bit tough on your back. Most women experience this during their second trimester of pregnancy. You can’t complain because your baby is growing inside. But the good news is that unless you have a chronic backache problem since before the pregnancy, this kind of pregnancy back pain can be easily treated with home remedies.

It is important to know the factors causing pregnancy induced back pain to deal with it effectively. Every woman gains weight during pregnancy and this weight gain typically starts in the 2nd trimester. Your spine has to support your increasing weight that puts an additional pressure. Muscle separation due to the relax in hormone can be another cause of back pain. Your changing posture and emotional stress also put considerable strain on your back.

Home Remedies for Easing Pregnancy Back Pain

Improve Posture: The first and foremost thing is to improve your posture. Without you noticing, your increasing weight forces you to change your regular posture that puts extra strain on your back. Watch your posture and consult a physiotherapist if needed for a correct and back supporting posture.

Work Out: Pregnancy exercises are different from your regular workout sessions. If your doctor agrees, switch to pregnancy friendly exercises advised by the doctor. This will keep your body fit and flexible. It is a great way to ease your back pain.

Wear the right size of Maternity Bra: Believe it or not, but wearing the right size of supporting maternity bra can be of great help in easing your back pain. Ensure that its straps are wide and cups are big enough to make sure there is no extra strain or pressure on your rib cage and shoulders.

Gentle Massage: A relaxing massage with soft hands can be a great way to lighten up your strained muscles and ease back pain. Prenatal yoga is also a great way to ensure that your back is relaxed. Remember, massage and yoga postures should be undertaken with the supervision of a medical practitioner only.

Lumbar Support Pillows: If you are a person with a long hour’s desk job, try using a lumbar support pillow, it supports your back and gives you the correct posture further avoiding strain on your back.

Lift Properly: First of all, try and avoid lifting heavy shopping or objects. If you have to lift small objects, ensure your posture is right. Don’t bend on your waist or lift objects with your back. Instead, Squat down and lift with pressure on your knees. It’s always better to take help for lifting up objects.

These home remedies can make your pregnancy back ache milder and rarer. Help your back to stay relaxed and carry your happy pregnancy weight in a healthy way.


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