Hip Pain during Pregnancy in the Second Trimester


Amongst pregnancy related aches and discomforts, hip pain is one of major contributing factors. It may start early in the first trimester for some women, but mostly appears during second and third trimesters. This uncomfortable, achy feeling can be very annoying, but it is common during pregnancy. Know more about the common symptoms during second trimester.

How does hip pain effect?

Hip pain affects individual women at different times during their pregnancy phase in different ways. In some women, it can be so mild, that they may not even notice it much. In others it can be moderate to severe and in few others it can be sharp and tearing. You may face problems while sleeping or going on about your everyday activities, depending on the intensity of pain. It may radiate to your back or thighs as well.

hip pain during pregnancy in the second semester

What causes hip pain during second trimester?

Pregnancy weight gain

As you put on weight during pregnancy, the growing belly adds pressure on the hips and pelvis. Also, your hips keep expanding to accommodate the growing fetus, leading to hip pain. If you are overweight or have previous issues related to backache, then you are likely to be affected by hip pain.

Relaxin hormone

Relaxin is a hormone that is released in the early stages of pregnancy and is responsible for loosening and making the ligaments and joints of the pelvic region more flexible, in order to prepare your body for delivery. This expansion of the bones and muscles can cause hip pain. Find all about how hormones effect during second trimester here.


Sciatic nerve may also be contributing to your hip pain throughout the three trimesters. The increasing weight of the uterus compresses the sciatic nerve, which triggers severe pain in pelvis, hip joints and thighs. This condition is termed as sciatica and you may experience cramping, burning or a tingling feeling.

Bad posture

The increasing belly and weight can affect your posture. As the body gets heavier, you lose your body balance and the wrong posture takes a toll on your hips, causing hip pain. It is important to notice this early on during pregnancy and correct it, before it gets more severe.

Sometimes hip pain may also be due to some health condition and your doctor will be able to diagnose it after assessing the symptoms. Otherwise, hip pain can be managed with some remedies or exercises suggested by your doctor.


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