How Early can Second-time Moms Feel the Baby Move, Compared to First-time Moms?


Every pregnancy is a different experience, even for the women, who have been pregnant before. If you are pregnant for a second time, you would know that it feels different from the previous time and the symptoms you expect to show up may come early or a little late into pregnancy or get replaced by other symptoms altogether.

However, a second time expecting mom is able to recognise the changes early on and is sensitive to the slightest movements in the womb. Having been through the entire nine-months long period before, a second time pregnant woman is able to feel the movements of her baby earlier compared to the first time. It may very well be the experience that gives her an upper hand here.

Second time pregnant woman

When do you feel the baby move?

Generally, pregnant women can feel baby movements somewhere around the middle of their second trimester. The initial movements known as quickening, feel like sudden, light flutters in the tummy.  As the pregnancy progresses, you will be able to feel more strong and frequent movements. Feeling your baby’s little actions can make you feel more connected and is a constant reminder of the growing life inside. Movements are an important indication that all is well and the baby is active. Some women may not feel until after 20 weeks, but once they do, it is necessary to lookout for the movements.

When do second time moms feel the baby?

If you are expecting for a second time, you maybe able to feel the baby early in the second trimester between 16 to 18 weeks or even earlier. Now you know, what those sensations in your abdomen actually are, instead of brushing them away as gas or hunger like you did in your first pregnancy. Even if you don’t feel them early in your second time, there is nothing to be worried about. It is possible, you may feel them late like your previous time or you may not have noticed them in your busy schedule. Also, you don’t have to stress too much if you don’t feel the kicks and movements too often some of the days, because a baby needs to rest as well. You may find your baby to be more active during night time. It may be because of your movements during the day, as you do your regular activities, that make your baby sleepy. Also, because of the changes in sugar levels in your body, you will feel your baby kicking into action at night! Here are some tips on what you can do to feel the baby’s movements.


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