What is Baby Brain during Pregnancy and How to Cope with it?

Finding yourself lost in the middle of something and can’t remember what you were thinking about just a few minutes ago? Forgetfulness is a common trait in everyone, but sudden memory lapses are associated with pregnancy in women. You may be an organized homemaker or running a business or holding a top job role; pregnancy brain is likely to affect you too!

What is pregnancy brain?

Baby brain is one of the many side effects that occur during pregnancy. You may have trouble remembering little things such as keys, phone number, events, handbag, what you wanted to get from the grocery store or turning off the stove or microwave in time. It may feel as if your brain froze for a while. This condition may seem silly, but it can be very frustrating, especially when you are dealing with so many changes and the foggy brain makes it trickier for you, to go about your everyday activities.

Reasons for pregnancy brain

  • Hormones playing havoc during pregnancy are responsible for causing baby brain. The increase in the levels of oestrogen and progesterone can affect the memory ability of your brain.
  • Interestingly, research has shown that brain works differently when you are expecting. Your brain is preparing itself for the arrival of the baby and is focused to help you get accustomed to the emotional needs of your newborn. These changes in brain cells may make women absentminded.
  • Some studies also show that brain cells undergo slight decrease in volume during pregnancy and this may be the reason for frequent short-term memory losses. Things get back to normal again after delivery though.
  • Stress is another factor that causes memory issues. Most women are affected by stress during pregnancy and this can give them sleepless nights. Lack of sleep in turn affects the functioning of your brain. You do know how sleeplessness can make you lose your mind!

Coping with baby brain when pregnant

  • If you feel like you are unable to get through everyday stuff without forgetting few things, it is better to plan ahead and make a list of things that you intend to get done the next day.
  • Make a checklist of things to-do in order to be sure of actually having done the important tasks.
  • Since you always have your smartphone with you, you can use it to take notes or set reminders.
  • If you are not much of a phone person, you can keep a small notepad with you or use sticky notes in different places to write reminders like getting bread when you head out.
  • You can always rely on others to remind you of the important things such as a doctor’s appointment if you doubt yourself. This helps you stay less anxious.
  • Include DHA rich foods in your diet to boost the development of your brain and your baby’s as well.
  • Exercising is beneficial in pregnancy, relieving you of stress and it also helps keep you mentally and physically active.
  • Remember to drink enough water.
  • Most importantly, don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking too much and how things are out of control. It’s just a phase that people go through and you will be just fine. Getting enough rest and sleep will be helpful too.


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