How to Get Back in Shape after Pregnancy

You have been through a life-changing phase of pregnancy and delivery. With your little one in arms, every trouble you had during those 9 months and the delivery procedure seem worth it. But what after that? Undoubtedly your life has changed drastically since the arrival of your little bundle of joy. But that does not mean you cannot have your good toned body back. All it requires is a bit of discipline from your side along with some resistance power against all the fat enhancing food.

No matter how tough it seems to start, you are sure to get into the flow. Read on to know how easily you can comprehend a regular regime into your daily routine after 2-3 months of delivery.

Drink lots of Fluids

How to Get Back in Shape after Pregnancy

Ensure that you are drinking lots of fluids including water during the day. This is not a daunting task to do but works a great deal in keeping your body hydrated and refreshed. It flushes toxins out of your system. Another very important advantage of drinking water and other nutritious fluids is that they keep you filled and do not allow you to eat much naturally. So without feeling starved and dehydrated, you do not overeat. How great is that!


How to Get Back in Shape after PregnancyDid you know, breastfeeding is a natural way of losing your post-delivery weight? Yes! Believe or not, just by breastfeeding you can lose a good amount of calories in a day to get you rid of excess fat. But do remember that while you should eat nutritious food to improve lactation, you do not have to eat extra or for two just because you are breastfeeding. Eating green vegetables will be a perfect way to improve lactation without adding extra calories.

Get Back to Active Lifestyle

How to Get Back in Shape after PregnancyA very important part of your post-pregnancy weight loss plan is having an active lifestyle to show faster results. Get out of the bed. Once your baby is well past 3 months, your body is ready to move back into the earlier active lifestyle (take it slow). Include a bit of non-strenuous exercises like Yoga or light weights to burn the fat along with a disciplined diet. It’s OK if you can’t join a gym immediately. Lugging around your little baby is in itself a calorie burning exercise. Club it up with doing some other household work and avoid just lying down on the bed. It will work great on burning excess calories.

Along with these exercises, do not forget to take care of yourself. Dress up well and take care of your appearance. This will indirectly have a positive effect on your mindset and your quest to get back into shape will get a boost.


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