How to Increase Your Odds of Having Twins?


Dream of having twins! Looking for how to increases the odds of having twins? Well, many couples desire to have twins. Though it is an uncommon and rare thing to have twins in a single pregnancy, women have many ways to increase their odds of conceiving twins. Here is our suggested to-do list if having twins is interested and must have for you.

Chances of having twinsTry these tricks and tips to increase your odds of having twins:

Family history:

As hereditary is a major keystone in conceiving twins, it helps you to increase your odds of having set of twins. If you have a family history of hyper ovulation, producing more than one egg every month, then you are more likely to fulfill your dream of having twins.

As well as you are lucky enough to have twin siblings who are twins and being yourself a twin can increase your chance of conceiving dynamic twins.

If your mother or maternal grandmother has given birth to fraternal twins, then you could increase your odds to some extent.

Certain Foods and well-nourished:

As underweight women are less likely to give birth to twins, being over-weight or well-nourished means gaining weight in a healthy manner could certainly help you to increase your possibilities of conceiving twins.

Folic acid supplements are very helpful to you in terms of conceiving a set of twins. It increases your chances of giving birth to twins during pregnancy.

You are already increasing your odds of conceiving twins if your diet is rich in dairy products during timeline means when you are trying to conceive. Consuming cow milk that is treated with rBGH hormones will have a great impact on your chances of having twins. Yams even do wonders in increasing the twin birth rate.

Other factors:

The older you are, the higher your possibilities of conceiving twins. As you age, you are more likely to release higher amounts of FSH which stimulates your ovaries to produce more number of eggs during ovulation.

Your body type contributes to having twins as the tall and large body has higher chances of giving birth to twins. If you have had more pregnancies earlier, then your odds of having twins will be higher.

Fertility drugs like clomiphene increase the odds that you will release more than one egg at the same time which contributes to having twins.

Undergoing fertility treatments like IVF or ICSI increases your chances of having more than one child as it is a big contributor to have multiple births and primarily depends on a number of embryos placed in your womb as well.


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