Helpful Guidelines on Finding Relief from Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

Pelvic pain is not an uncommon complaint in pregnancy. It tends to affect different women in different ways. Some may experience mild twinges, while others feel debilitating pain. As long as it doesn’t have an impact on your everyday activities, you have nothing to worry about and it will pass. In case if the pain is causing too much discomfort or makes you unable to go on with your daily regimen, you need to seek help immediately. There are alternatives which help you in improving your condition.

You may feel sharp, stabbing pain in your pubic bone, groin area, lower back, around thighs, and hips. There are many pregnancy-related causes of pelvic pain, but the one caused due to the misalignment of the pelvic bone is known to be the worst. This pain keeps growing along with the baby and hits you the most around your due date. However, you can find some relief by trying these remedies.

Ways to relieve Pelvic Pain
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Ways to relieve Pelvic Pain


Regular activities such as stretching, yoga, and other exercises are recommended by doctors in pregnancy. You may go with the activity which causes the least discomfort, only on the advice of your doctor. Following an exercise routine has many benefits in pregnancy, especially in improving your painful condition. Most women are suggested to do pelvic floor strengthening stretches and muscle exercises for the back, abdomen, and hips. Water exercises and swimming are also very helpful in reducing pain and keeping you fit. Your workout eventually helps you out during labor and delivery, making it easier and quicker.


Most women suffering from some of the other kinds of pregnancy related bodily pain, find comfort in pillows. As your pregnancy progresses, the growing belly can add pressure on your back and legs and sleeping can become troublesome. There are specially designed pregnancy pillows that help you find a comfortable position to sleep. You can also use a regular pillow to place between your knees or under your belly as you lie on your side for support. Proper positioning of pillows helps in improving the alignment of your pelvic joint and spine.

Chiropractic Services

Prenatal chiropractors are specially trained to handle cases of pregnant women. They help in reducing your pain by performing necessary adjustments and alignments. Know more about the prenatal chiropractor. It is better to ask your doctor to recommend a chiropractor before seeking one.

Pregnancy support bands

You may be advised to use a maternity support belt or a belly band to help with your painful condition. These are helpful in supporting your abdomen and lifting the pressure off your back and improving your positioning. You may also wear maternity garments for extra comfort and support.

You must do what you can to find some relief from your current condition if it takes a toll on you. Pregnancy doesn’t have to be a stressful experience for you. You can improve your situation by following certain healthy options and guidelines.


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