What Can You do about Blurry Vision during Pregnancy?


Blurry vision is one of the many side effects of pregnancy experienced by some women. The ability to see clearly diminishes. Hormones are known to cause this change, along with a host of other changes. Also, like most other changes, this condition too is temporary and lasts as long as you’re pregnant.


• Your vision starts to decrease, somewhere during mid-pregnancy. It may happen any time during the 40 week period, but most women notice the change around 20 weeks.
• Your eyes may feel dry, itchy and uncomfortable.
• If you already have a sight issue, it can increase more.
• It gets worse as you near the end of your pregnancy and after delivery, it begins to get better again.

how you can treat blurred vision naturally

How to treat blurred vision naturally?

If you are affected by this condition during pregnancy, here’s what you can do.

Don’t use contact lenses

The changes in hormones causes fluids to build-up in the eyes and the pressure from fluids can alter the shape of cornea. This means your contact lenses may not fit well and you may start feeling uncomfortable wearing them. It is better to switch to your glasses to prevent further blurriness and feel better.

Use eye drops

Hormones can cause reduced tear production condition, known as dry eyes. You may feel itchiness and burning sensation. To prevent infection and further damage to the cornea, because of constant rubbing, you may seek medical advice from your doctor. She may prescribe eye drops that are safe to use in pregnancy.

Rest your eyes

Lack of sleep and fatigue can take a toll on your eyes and your blurriness may increase. If you are working at your laptop or desktop, keep the brightness low and rest your eyes often. Remember to blink more and reduce the use of your phone, TV and other devices to give a break to your eyes. Make sure there is ample light when you read books.

Don’t get new prescription

In most cases, the reduced vision is only temporary and starts to get back to normal after the baby is born. It may take some time, but it will eventually get better on its own. Most doctors suggest not going for a change of lens prescription for a few months postpartum. You will be advised not to go for any corrective surgeries soon after delivery or during pregnancy, in order to avoid over correcting. It’s better to wait out and see how things go.

Use sunglasses

In case if you develop sensitivity to sunlight, because of the hormonal changes, you can wear sunglasses when you go outside. This also tends to go away after delivery.


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