Hypnotic Birth and the Techniques


Hypnotic birth is referred to the techniques used during the labor and delivery process for a gentle birth experience. The process aims to alleviate anxiety, fear, pain, and stress during childbirth.

Oftentimes, childbirth is perceived as extremely painful and unbearable by most women. This causes a lot of worry and fear amongst new moms to be, making their entire pregnancy phase even more distressing. It doesn’t have to be that way. Hypnotic birth prepares you to overcome your worst fears and experience natural birth in a self-controlled manner.

A growing number of women are opting for home births in recent years. The reason Is, increased use of medical intervention during the birthing process by doctors. Sometimes, the hospitals or doctors don’t give you much choice, other than medications. Hypnotic birth is an alternative that not only eliminates the medications but makes the experience of childbirth content and bearable.

How does the process of Hypnotic Birth works?

This process uses various methods to prepare you for childbirth. A hypnotherapist or a hypnotist trains your mind to be calm and relaxed while understanding what you need to do at the moment, as prompted by your body. During the session, you will be aware of what is happening around you and to you, as opposed to the popular belief of losing awareness. You and your therapist can work out which method of hypnosis suits you best. Some of the specialized techniques involved in hypnotic birth include-

hypnotic birth


In this method, you will be trained or suggested by the therapist to focus on things that give you a pleasant experience upon imagining them. You may be asked to perceive giving birth as a flower blooming visual. This takes your mind off of the pain and fear and leaves you with a beautiful experience.

Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy

CBH is a proven, modern approach to making your birthing experience less distressing. This method helps in analyzing and understanding your fears and where they stem from. CBH helps you to manage the triggers of anxiety and clear your mind of fear. You will be guided to fill your mind with positive and helpful thoughts.


Learning deep breathing techniques and meditation help you achieve a state of complete relaxation during labor and delivery. This helps keep unwanted thoughts of pain and fear away.

Eyes-open hypnosis

In this process, you will be communicating through your eyes. You may involve your partner, hypnotist, or even others to engage in prompts or cues from the eyes to draw your mind off of pain and discomfort during childbirth. You will have full control of moving around or talking with others as a way of encouragement.

You should know that you can use hypnotic birth method in combination with the alternative birth process as well. The techniques will be helpful in keeping you relaxed and in control throughout the process. You may have a hypnotherapist present with you during childbirth or you may get trained to do it yourself at the time of delivery.


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