How to Differentiate the Implantation Pain?


Implantation takes place when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the lining of the uterus. This condition is termed as pregnancy onset and it is often characterized by severe pain. If you have been trying to conceive, you should be familiar with certain terms like implantation, ovulation, etc. To make your conception attempt a successful journey, you should be acquaintedwith the most important part of the body, which is the reproductive system.

implantation PainEgg after fertilization with sperm will be attached to the lining of the uterus. This process is called as implantation. Implantation takes place around 7-12 days after ovulation. If you regularly monitor the ovulation process, then you can easily differentiate the implantation pain from menstrual cramps.

Usually, you may feel this pain on one side and 1 week prior the beginning of the next period. Women who usually experience abdominal cramps as a part of premenstrual syndrome, it can be difficult for them to differentiate whether it is implantation pain or the pain due to PMS.

Apart from the implantation pain, there is another sign i.e. implantation bleeding can be distinguished from other PMS symptoms. But the pain may or may not accompany by implantation bleeding and is either brownish or pink color. In case you experience spotting a week before the next menstrual period, then you can be confirming of implantation.

It is no cause of concern for women, who experience either pain or spotting.Moreover, you cannot do anything to decrease the condition. Often the pain is tolerable and no need to take any treatment or medications. Generally, implantation pain will subside within one or two days. If you experience fever, heavy vaginal bleeding, or chills, immediately you need to consult your doctor.In case your menstrual period doesn’t occur, then it is the time to take pregnancy test.

Not all women experience implantation pain or spotting. You cannot agree with the fact that you have conceived unless you actually missed the period. Not only pregnancy is the cause of implantation pain, but also there are several conditions that can cause this pain, such as fertility drugs that can cause the release of large sized eggs.Intestinal flu, kidney stones, bladder infection, gallstones or even ectopic pregnancy can all result in severe abdominal pain.

Remember that implantation pain is not something i.e. harmful or it doesn’t cause any problem during the later stages of pregnancy. So, take it light and enjoy your pregnancy and feel for your upcoming baby. Good Luck!


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